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Emma Steele

Emma Steele is a Bermudian-British Fine Art textiles practitioner, showing internationally in London and in Bermuda. The portrayal of women within society has inspired Emma on a journey to redefine narratives of the female body, and her work explores issues that face women today. Emma aims to provoke raw emotion though her work by using her own personal life experiences and views on femininity. Textiles has become a platform for her artistic voice to be expressed, as textiles and the body are intrinsically linked. Emma uses knit as a process and material for the body to be represented. Emma’s process is about creating experiences and provoking emotions through the use of storytelling, allowing women’s voices to be heard again. 

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Sex: The expectation. The Reality. The experience. 

Sex is intimacy. 

Intimacy is love. 

Love is heartbreak. 

Heartbreak is the aftermath. 

We are born pure and innocent but over time experiences begin to leave imprints on the body.

Over time experiences leave impressions. 

The impressions are the aftermath. 

Sex is opening yourself into allowing your body to be vulnerable.

Nudity is our bodies becoming placed in their vulnerable state. 

To be seen naked is to allow someone to see you fully vulnerable. 

You are at your most vulnerable state when you are naked. 

You are allowing someone to become apart of you. 

Each person you have been with leaves an imprint. You adapt and change to that person. That person becomes a number, a number on a list of people; the memory for the experience leaves an imprint.

Every experience shapes you, becomes apart of you. 

Our bodies are being redefined.

The aftermath will always occur. No matter what it is; no matter what form.

The aftermath remains. 

Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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To be seen. To be forgotten. To be discarded. The consequences of sex. A memory. The beginning of a story.
To be seen. To be forgotten. To be discarded.
Nudity is our bodies being placed in their most vulnerable state.
Broken. Reformed. Re-birth. Reincarnation. Marks disappear but the experience stays with-one forever. 
The simple motion of a touch can release a thousand emotions. You need to touch to see what is underneath.
To be displayed. To be wanted. To be heard. To be equal.
To be seen. To be perceived. To be presented. To be shown.
To be connected. To be intertwined. Our bodies are being redefined.
The body adapts and manipulates its form. The skin is a material; forever changing.
Sex is intimacy. Intimacy is love. Love is heartbreak. Heartbreak becomes apart of the aftermath. The aftermath was born.

The aftermath will always occur. No matter what state it becomes.

To be seen. 

To be forgotten. 

To be discarded. 

The effects of not being wanted. 

The beauty of the remains of the aftermath. 

The aftermath of intimacy. 

The intimacy of sex. 

To be desired. 

To be love. 

To be touched. 

Consume and overwhelming of the body. 

The empowered. 

Sex is intimacy. Intimacy is love.

Love is heartbreak. Heartbreak is the aftermath.

To be embraced. 

To be loved. 

To become something again. 

The consequences of sex. 

A memory. 

The beginnings of a story. 

The aftermath will always occur.

Let it begin.