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Jiahui Ding

Jiahui Ding is a designer from China. Her background is Product Design. During her studies at the Royal College of Art, she focused on expressing her fashion ideas in the digital space. Her design inspiration mainly comes from her cultural background. She has a very strong interest in national culture and hopes to use a unique contemporary language to tell stories from the past. She tries to combine digital tools to interpret traditional culture, break people's stereotypes about traditional things, and obtain more diversified and personalized interpretations. Her works embody the strong collision between tradition and modernity, and give classical culture a brand-new romantic visual experience.

It's a story about a girl's inner self-consciousness. I try to focus on the traditional Chinese cultural elements and explore how to use a more unique visual language to tell the cultural stories of the past under the collision of contemporary classical and modern elements.

In the past, there were some limitations in my cognition of traditional things. I used to think that the transformation of traditional things is not conducive to cultural inheritance, and following tradition is the embodiment of respecting tradition. However, in the past quite a long period of time, Chinese society did not provide a very good environment for the reinterpretation of traditional culture. In recent years, more and more people, including some young people, have realized the importance of this problem. So at present, how to inject the vitality of the new era into our national culture has become a hot topic in many fields. In my opinion, it is very important to break the stereotype that most people have about traditional things. Therefore, I hope to combine my own experience and integrate more personality characteristics into the design of traditional elements.

My project is called Hollow Boundary, which refers to the Windows carved with patterns on the walls of Chinese gardens. From the perspective of women, I interpret the relationship between the people inside the wall and this hollow boundary from three aspects: bondage, protection and freedom. Compared with the traditional interpretation of the past, it is a contemporary understanding based on the current cultural collision. 

— Image1 - Hollow Boundary in classical Chinese Garden
— Image2 - From protection and bondage to freedom -- the process from passive to active female perspective.
— Image3 - The digital garden.
— Image4 - The heroine in the garden – who is gazed by outside world and protected by the boundary.
— Image5 - She is a well-protected porcelain doll.
— Image6 - In her dream, she meet a Flower Goddess.
— Image7 - They dance, they interact, they communicate.
— Image8 - They seek love and freedom.
— Image9 - She realized that she was the boundary builder.
— Image10 – The gaze which is the invisible boundary