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Fashion (MA)



The reliance of all things digital has become even more forthright in recent times. The shift towards more digital aspects in the fashion industry in particular seems to be down to a number of things. Fashion brands are becoming more environmentally aware and are looking for ways to be more sustainable. Technological developments have opened the eyes of designers to the capabilities of the digital and what they can create should they use it. In the last year digital has played a large part in the fashion industry due to the restrictions of the pandemic, digital fashion is dynamic and accessible which looks to be even more influential in the future.

Digital fashion is a way of using visual communication and storytelling by combining the observations and inspirations of daily life and sharing it with an audience. Furthermore, it allows work to be created beyond the bounds of reality. Characters, garments and environments can be created that are not possible in the physical. The medium offers the opportunity to work in an area with ever growing technologies and possibilities that can reshape and reimagine how we experience fashion.

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is also important to note. It is expected further use of the digital could aid a reduction of the current impact and possibly repair some of the damage from the past. The rise of digital technologies, although having some environmental impacts, could provide a progressive direction for the industry to work towards reducing pollution.

Text and image by Zongbo Jiang