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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)

Haorong Chen

Haorong Chen regards design as a tool, as well as a methodology that connects knowledge from different fields. It helps explore the profound cultural concepts, understand behaviors and perceptions behind things, solve real-life problems.

Before joining GID, he graduated from Hunan University in China with a degree in Product Design, and spent 2 years in R&D at a medical device company, participate in the development and design of testing products.

His works cover healthcare design, product design, service design, interaction design and speculative design.

Through design, I am committed to listening and understanding the voice of users, improving people's lives, promoting and changing people's behaviour and perceptions, so as to push social change.

Superloud Introduction Video
Background - Internet Industry in China — In China, the Internet industry is quite advanced. The Internet here is not only communication software or social media, but refers to almost everything we need in our life. They are all "internetized". Basically, service provided by Internet company can cover any aspect of Chinese people's life.
Problem Statement — These are only a small part of problems caused by Internet companies. These problems seem to be scattered and independent, but they can be summarized as that many companies are constantly abusing technology, and improperly using technology or conducting business activities.
Service Flow - Crowdfunding — In terms of service process, Superloud selects hot topics, and then develops crowdfunding projects, so that the public can donate money based on their own thoughts.
Service Flow - Crowdfunding — In terms of service process, Superloud selects hot topics, and then develops crowdfunding projects, so that the public can donate money based on their own thoughts.
Service Flow - Publicity Campaign — When enough money is raised, Superloud will start publicity activities based on billboards, design programs for users who have donated money to choose, and then carry out publicity activities, Finally, the implementation and relevant data will be fed back to users.

In China, facing wicked problems caused by Internet giants, voices of individuals easily get neglected or even blocked, costing more to be heard. With Superloud, these voices get amplified. By screening out trending public concerns and launching crowdfunding projects accordingly, Superloud is a service, embedded mainly in its own platform, which initiates publicity campaigns and gathers substantial support to counter the frailness of current Chinese public opinion, bringing impact from online to offline. Truly empowering the public voice to have a real say in this world—this is Superloud.

Human feelings are comprehensive and hard to capture. With Moodout, a set of emotional accessories, the user is encouraged to perceive, express and share emotions effortlessly in daily life.

People's ability to feel emotions (level of emotional granularity) actually varies, and the process of expressing emotions could be useful in helping users to understand their own emotions and hence deal with them better.

Emotion as an abstract feeling is depicted by different colours and shapes in different cultures. In this project, the designers experimented to generalise people's feelings and perceptions of shapes and colours related to emotions, and then presented them figuratively.

By creating a set of accessories that can be worn on a daily basis, it helps users to be more active in feeling their emotions and sharing them with those around them to create a positive atmosphere for communicating their feelings.

Problem Statement

Sorecare is a pressure-sensitive patient gown that helps caregivers take better care for bedridden patients and prevent the risk of pressure sores. This patient gown is made of a pressure-sensitive fabric that is washable and can measure the intensity and duration of pressure on the user's body parts, giving the caregivers timely feedback to prevent bed sores caused by long exposure to pressure.