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Mixed Media

Feiyang Zhang

Feiyang Zhang is a storyteller and designer working in the field of costume, film and editorial work.

During her undergraduate studies she was admitted to the fashion department at The Art Institute of Chicago under Nick Cave in 2015. After graduation she worked as a freelance designer for Vivienne Tam and Sachin & Babi.

Based in London and New York, Feiyang specialises in textile and innovation design including embroidery design, character design and building up virtual worlds.

Feiyang is seeking opportunities to build a career in film, television, opera and home entertainment production.

Exhibitions and activities:

2021, "Night Tales" collection, selected as A'design Award Winner and Exhibitor, Museo del Design, Italy 

2021, "It's time to reduce the backlog." (group exhibition), New York

2020, Ars Electronica Garden London (exhibitor/collaboration), London

2019, SongZhuang Art Gallery (exhibitor), Beijing

2017, Chicago Soho House (exhibitor), Chicago

2017, Worlds AIDS Day Fashion Show "STRUT 2017" (exhibitor), Chicago


As an artist who is obsessed with the imagination of utopian and dystopian futures, I wish to start from the stage of escaping from the real world, with a reinforced sense of our physical bodies .

My current work focuses on how harmful particles can appear as invisible, but break through our immune system and affect our whole body. I wish to show the dilemma between control and lack of control through body movement, performance and costumes that could define the characters for an imaginary future .

This project responds to my manifesto of creating an imaginative utopian/dystopian future. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the world I’ve been living in changed beyond recognition. Focusing on the human form, the story indicates two protagonists struggling and trying to adapt/mutate in order to live in an extreme underground environment.

I wish to build up a subtle connection between the audience and my work and make them question: "What happened?" "What will happen next?"

This work sits between fashion performance, costume design for theatre and film and fashion editorial.


3D Printed Resin, Bioplastic, PLA filament

Filter collaboration with visual artist @ddiiiya, it will be available under both mine and Diya’s instagram page, available for everyone to try out and see how you would look in my imaginary world!


Cinema4D, Spark AR