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Mixed Media

Elyse Blackshaw

Elyse Blackshaw is a London based image maker redefining fashion illustration for the present day to highlight changes surrounding fashion and the environment. Her dissertation ‘Fashion looks so good, no wonder we over consume’, was awarded a distinction by The Academic Board for Concessions and Discipline, discovering how environmental effects are not acknowledged through this art of communication. After illustrating London Fashion Week for nearly 10 years, Elyse bridges the gap between the fantasy of fashion and the reality of it’s challenges through three main roles:

Illustrator of fashion and figures for gallery and commercial contexts.

Educator of fashion illustration through workshops promoting consideration for the environment. 

Activator of change in retail and gallery spaces to support environmental improvement within fashion and consumerism.


Winner of Westfield London Future Fashion award for illustration 2021

Signature Art Prize 2020/2021 Finalist


The need to hold on to the freedom and hopefulness of childhood during times of environmental crisis forces me to reimagine my practice; reimagine my existing works, my use of materials, and my method of communication through a variety of visual contexts.

Romanticising was something I did as a child when I lay in bed at night, or when playing with Barbie dolls alone in my room. This need to romanticise has been particularly prevalent during this last year, searching to escape overwhelming world issues through my imagination. Feeling nostalgic about my childhood dreams enabled me to re-imagine the world from that perspective. I have often idealised the past for its simplistic, technological aesthetic and moments of revolutionary change.

My work offers a personal and autobiographical approach to change making, utilising illustrative techniques from my experience as a fashion illustrator to create evocative yet playful imagery. I want to reimagine the way we approach sustainability in commercial contexts whilst still conveying excitement and hope.

World Issues Killed My Imagination

A short stop motion film made from recyclable materials and repurposed scrap. The dreamy, VHS aesthetic reflects my nostalgia of growing up in the 90's, whilst the content acknowledges my current paradox between fashion and its effects on the environment.


Stop Motion Film
1998: Ingrained influences.

My visual identity has been deeply embedded in my subconscious as a result of a childhood obsession with Barbie; packaging, clothing, and memorabilia. The aesthetic of my work is extremely instinctive. Reflecting on my childhood photographs, it is clear why.

Zine Cover | Graphics
Book | Poster
Book | Set
Fashion | Activism

Illustration for print media such as posters, books, magazines and interior spaces.

Let's Talk About sCRAP! Workshop
Text in Fashion Workshop
Free Download - Make your own! — Save image to downloads | Print - Colour - Cut

Delivering workshops independently and for organisations such as galleries, and higher/ further education.

Retail space — Sketch of retail space for the purpose of housing a clothing bank within store. Attracting and inviting customers to recycle their unwanted clothes and spread the initiative by using the space for selfies and Instagramable opportunities.
Department store — Sketch of department store window encouraging consumers to consider their actions and make a change.

Activating visual communication that challenges, discusses or promotes topics relating to fashion and the environment. 

Westfield London — Winning concept draft design ideas for Westfield London Future Fashion award for the illustration category. The winning design will be displayed in Westfield London from August 2021 until February 2022.