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Experimental Design

Emma Aparici Fortuny

Emma is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in print - BA (Hons) Textile Design UAL, 2018 - and a passion for a playful and experimental approach that has led her to a focus on the intersection of illustration, print and storytelling whilst looking into the future. Her practice involves creating engaging experiences that combine the digital and the physical world in order to bring her stories to life.



BBC in collaboration with the RCA - Interactive dice exploring the future of voice technology: 'Playin’ it by ear' - London, 2019



CAA Conference ‘Playin’ it by ear’ - Chicago, 2020

HKD ‘Unearth the Unreal’ - Margate, 2019

Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Design


AR product stories in the supermarket of 2030

Format : Board Game

Media : Combination of physical objects and digital elements

Components : Onboarding - Contextualising Research - Design Interventions - Offboarding

This project aims to explore a fresh approach to our collective experience of information and space within supermarket settings. It is hard to make informed choices based on the physical product labels and current technology only shows a fraction of its potential.

The board game seeks to encourage the audience to reconsider the possibilities of label information display. By venturing in these short stories they will be introduced to new ways of finding out more about the story it has to tell. The augmented reality product stories will aim to bring to life the unique backstories of products in a variety of ways such as personalities, reviews, and memories.

(AR = Augmented Reality)


Born in Barcelona bringing with her all the sun, bright and fun colours into her projects. Originally trained as a print designer with a passion for illustration in combination with future technologies and storytelling, she graduated from her textile design BA by exhibiting a game installation for children to learn about the airport processes aiming to familiarise them with the new environment through play.

Her interest for communicating topics in visually stimulating and playful environments is what she has been thoroughly investigating during her MA at the RCA. Each project presents itself with very particular challenges that have pushed her to experiment and explore new technologies and mediums such as augmented realityvoice technology, and optical illusions for example, as well as working closely with practitioners with different expertise in order to create a variety of project outcomes.

By giving the audience the possibility to get involved in the work and be part of the stories’ journey, she invites them to question and rethink how they perceive the presented topic investigations and how that changes their relationship with them. Often driven by curiosity, she approaches complex topics by disseminating subject matter and delivering responses that are easy to understand.

The Board - Supermarket of 2030 Layout — Physical board with access to the digital layer through 360º views of the supermarket 1st Half of the board - regular aisles with contextualising research 2nd Half of the board - design interventions and final activity
The Aim — The aim of the game is to discover as much as possible about the supermarket and its product stories before doing the final activity.
Design Intervention - Product Rating AR — Sound Designer : Nicolas Roses Deola ; Voice Actress : Andrea Cano Molina
Onboarding - Instructions Manual — Playing Instructions The aim of the game is to discover as much as possible about the supermarket and its product stories before doing the final activity.
Onboarding – Unboxing — Box containing full game.
Let's Play
The Mall — The mall is a quick shortcut for customers who wish to go directly to the pavilion area and get inspiration.
The Plaza — The plaza is designed to complement the five pavilions containing humanlike curated augmented reality stories. This space allows the customers who are new to this section to have a clear guidance on how to access the augmented reality content and what to expect. This is a place designed not only to pick up and drop the tablets to scan the stories it is a social meeting point. The aim is to provide a space with an informal sitting area to allow for natural conversations.
The Plaza Interventions — The branched storytelling across the five pavilions’ vast number of products is supposed to encourage customer interaction by making it challenging to access all the stories in one journey. That will encourage exchange of experiences amongst the audience. Specially designed small group sitting spaces help spark conversations about the accessed product stories.
Product Match AR — Sound Designer : Nicolas Roses Deola

Discover the supermarket of 2030 by venturing into the mixed reality world board game.

Unbox, explore and create you own AR stories.

In this game you will become a customer visiting the supermarket of 2030. Through venturing into the game you will be exposed to a very near future supermarket experience which blends the physical with the digital world through augmented reality. 

Enter to discover augmented storytelling that goes beyond mirroring an extension of the physical label but instead immerses the audience in a multidimensional space that builds a bridge between the supermarket and the digital product story.

In the pavilion section you will be exposed to a supermarket layout that is adapted to the specially curated augmented reality storytelling and brings products to life in a way that regular aisles are unable to achieve.

Explore quirky, odd and playful augmented reality product stories that will make you reconsider your relationship with them.


40x40x20cm Box
Cheese AR — The outdoor patio is designed to continue exploring the augmented reality product whilst moving around and spending some relaxed time with the product. It provides an informal space for sharing experiences with other customers. The seating area is also a space in which the artist content producers can have talks and conversation about the topics and products with the customers.
Second Hand Product AR — Sound Designer : Nicolas Roses Deola
Second Hand Product AR — Sound Designer : Nicolas Roses Deola
Offboarding — Final activity that allows the players to create their own AR stories through a step by step guide.
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