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Experimental Animation

Dachuan Hang

Born in 1994, Beijing, China, Dachuan Hang was raised in an artistic family. His parents are professors in art academies. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Photography and Animation are two main mediums he used. Dachuan Hang enjoys working within a certain environment that allows him to consider the lifestyle or living conditions of people and other creatures. Animals play an important role in his work; he believes that their personalities and behaviors are unique and inspiring.

Dachuan Hang graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree. During his undergraduate studies, he became skilled in using 3D animation software such as Maya and Unity. He chose to work with traditional painting tools during his MA at the RCA. Dachuan Hang hopes that his essential ideas can be presented and identified through simple tools, instead of using fancy special effects from software to surprise or shock people.

He has participated in many different research projects from different schools in order to learn how to look at things from multiple perspectives. In 2015, he was invited to a Design anthropology project called "The Living Blue", by CAFA Beijing and Swinburne University of Technology. He traveled all the way to the aboriginal tribes in Australia, and he lived there with the aboriginal people for 14 days and learned their culture. In 2018 he traveled to Guizhou province with the BIFT (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology) team and lived with the local "Mountain People" in order to learn about and rescue their valuable traditional skills in sewing.

These research experiences help him to understand that the treasure is always in our culture and traditions, the old techniques and old lifestyle that have unique powers to attract people and touch our heart.

The Given Fish — In today's society, people increasingly lack gratitude for all kinds of things and instead feel hatred for each other. When people are no longer grateful, violence ensues. In ancient China, there is a saying, "斗米恩,升米仇", which means when you help others, they will appreciate you, but if you keep giving help to others, they will become dependent, and once you stop helping, they will hate you. I think this famous saying still applies in today's society. People should understand as soon as possible.

This animation tells a story of gains and losses, or more accurately, a story about selfless giving and greed.

Sometimes people think that what we get is what we deserve, and we have to fight when we no longer get it. Few people express gratitude to the giver.

Is this really what we deserve?


Photoshop, Wacom pen, Adobe Premiere