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Experimental Animation

Cihang Cai

Hi, I am Cihang Cai.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Animation

I am an animator.

The Legendary Battle — Enjoy.

This animation is about a battle fight between two characters which are actually left hand and right hand. The idea comes from my childhood memory that I fought my right hand with my left hand when I was bored. I would even give them identities and abilities to enrich the scenario of battle. However, when I grow up, I use my hands to write, draw, surfing the internet on cell phone and play computer games, but never play with my hand again. Adult life can be pressure and tedious sometimes, and that is when I am overwhelmed with longing for those innocent days of childhood. Therefore, I intend to bring the adult to an unconstrained world of hands to escape temporarily from their pressure reality and also bring an exciting battle to the child as well.