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Critical Practice


Interdisciplinary Artist working in Performance Labour, Pleasure Activism and Social Research.

My singular purpose works toward reclamation of my body and self from shame used as a tool of oppression by patriarchal society. I work to reclaim the visual aspect of me, my agency within my own sexuality and desirability, and to purpose them for my benefit while creating pleasure for my viewers and for myself.

Central concerns of labour, exotica, pleasure and power convene around representation of my body as a transgressional object of desire, feminine, brown and sexual. I’m at present questioning the effect and impact of being sexual and sexualised, patriarchal society’s very need to sexualise a body and the value generated in this process.

My Performance Labour is a lived experience in which I profile myself by employing hypersexualised language that’s profoundly raw, racialised and corporeal. I embody a representation of an Exotic Other, wilfully enacting taboo, exotica and fetishism to profit gainfully within the subculture of the Virtual Adult Industry.

In creating visual pleasure, I propel and steer the reigns of desire for an exoticized other, in turn, my othered body as a receptacle of desire meaningfully provides pleasure as a public service.

While exploring how to live in self-empowerment through my labour while being squeezed by the morality of social construct and history, I employ playfulness, frivolity, suggestive promiscuity and fantasy roleplay as tools of gain to measure my body and sexuality alongside patriarchal ideals.

I understand and value that my representation through contesting negativity generated through respectability politics and progressive ideologies is complex, and engages feelings, attitudes and emotions that can mobilize fears and anxieties.

I aim to remain stalwart and brave in shaping the world around me, to learn how to align my needs, pleasures and demonstration with my values while negotiating the public’s secret fascination of otherness and subconscious desire for othering through sexuality.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Critical Practice


WebCam Model

Glamour Model

Fantasy Exotica DreamGirl



I’m BabeXX69XX

I’m a Virtual World Exotic Glamour Princess who loves to misbehave and entertain. My favourite things are animals, dancing and watching movies.

I like to think of my chat room as a relaxing, titillating and inviting place. Don’t be afraid to say HI to me.

I’m here to make your day better, put a smile on your face, make you forget you have work tomorrow, or a nagging gf/wife... or anything else you don't want to think about today.

You can expect teasing, geeky conversations, lots of smiling, jokes, nakedness and tonnes of other lewd things to pleasure yourself to...

I love to make sexy content, you can watch it all on MyFreeCams Share, Many Vids and OnlyFans.

Outside of camming I love to go to the gym, listen to music, read books, eat healthy food and travel when I can.


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Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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