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Service Design (MA)

Amaan Khan

Hello! My name is Amaan and I'm a service design x design research practitioner based in London.

I'm interested in designing services, products and experiences. To provide practical solutions with suitable technologies for complex wellbeing issues that affect human productivity and their relationship with surrounding ecosystems. 

Using system thinking and strategy, I am interested in designing evidence-based solutions and driving innovation within organisations. Working with emerging technology and an experimental mindset, I aim to transform organisations by aligning their business needs to those of the people and the planet.

Wish to solve socio-economic inequalities by building better experiences and connections through design

Pebble is a tailor-made virtual assistant that aims to serve companies with remote working needs and improve the lives of workers. Pebble promotes happiness and productivity in the workplace by helping employees build meaningful connections, switch between work modes to better manage their work and build healthy work habits.

IVI Program is a social policy in which the government recognises and pays for the invisible value being contributed by people outside of their work. Invisible Value Income empowers working parents to achieve their goals at home and at work, without having to choose one over the other.

To spur innovative action by catalysing partnerships within the conservation industry using a design-based methodology tailored to the individual needs of the organisation.