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School of Communication

Dean, School of Communication – Kerry Curtis

Our RCA2021 graduates are individuals with unique dreams and aspirations, yet they are intertwined. They explore the myriad of human and nonhuman threads that connect us and collectively they challenge us to pause, reflect and imagine possible futures.

Through communication, we develop meaning, share ideas, feelings and information. We build kinship and community. The ongoing pandemic has tested how our students develop through creative practice and how they observe and respond to the complex world around them. The resulting works are insightful and provocative, questioning the here, now and beyond.

Take time to explore the work and you’ll be taken on multiple journeys. At times, you’ll slow to consider and soften your gaze or conversely your attention heightened, and your pace quickened.

RCA2021 reveals the importance of creative and critical communication practice and it is an expression of the transformational journey undertaken by our students from Animation, Communication Research, Digital Direction, Information Experience Design, and Visual Communication.

传媒学院院长——克里·柯蒂斯(Kerry Curtis)

我们的皇家艺术学院2021届毕业生是一群有着独特的梦想和抱负的年轻人,相互之间建立了紧密的联系。 我们由无数人类和非人类的脉络连接在一起,而我们的毕业生们对这些线索进行探索,并齐心合力让我们停下脚步、反思并想象未来的可能性。





This year, the work of 197 graduates from MA Animation, MA Information Experience Design, MA Visual Communication and PhD Communication place communication practice and research at the heart of human experience. Their work individually and collectively reiterates how communication, whilst often ubiquitous, is integral and critical to us as a human race finding a collective way to engage and connect with each other.