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SustainLab presents: Intersections

Established in 2016, SustainLab is a student society for recognising the importance of maintaining a space for sustainability. The society supports and fosters the artists, designers and architects of the future in developing a critical sustainable mindset.

The works here have translated responses to the environmental crisis into human, relatable, and empathetic solutions and scenarios. They acknowledge the interrupted relationship with the living matter we stand on and propose physical, visual, or conceptual ways of mending it. Notably, they recall our senses and sensitivity thus inviting a stronger reconnection with the materials that surround us. In doing so, they embody alternative relationships to the material world from the one we have with mundane objects to the one with our body.

The 15 projects are distinct from one another -- an amalgamation of skills, knowledge and communication that have constructed fresh systems of design for healthier practices towards the planet. Although they all respond to the same crisis, they aim to solve different stages or aspects of it. Some address the crisis with physical, hands-on design creations. Others focus on changing the mindset and relation we hold towards the environment at societal and personal levels.