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Moments to Inspire

The collective work of the RCA 2021 students is remarkable. They have managed to achieve a body of work, in times of untold hardships, that engages, intrigues and inspires. I found myself delving into the depth of work for hours, resurfacing to dive back in again. I congratulate all the students on their incredible work this year. I’ve selected just a few, but I encourage everyone to dive in and uncover so many lovely moments. I’m sure they will fill you with inspiration.

Peter Russell-Clarke

After completing his undergraduate studies in Australia, Peter moved to London in 1991 to attend the Royal College of Art, graduating from the Industrial Design course in 1993.

Two years in the UK turned into 15. Peter worked with Ross Lovegrove, Geoff Hollington and Pentagram and eventually established his own studio, in 1997, with clients including Nike and Swatch. One of his clients, Nokia, invited him to become the Global Group Design Manager for mobile phones, overseeing teams in 5 countries across Europe, China, and the USA.

Alongside his studio work, Peter was a part time tutor at the Royal College of Art from 1995 to 2004, establishing Platform 5 when Ron Arad created the Design Products course. He is currently serving as the Chair of RCAUSA.

In 2005 Apple approached him to join their small team of Industrial Designers working with Jonathan Ive. Peter has been involved in the design of iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches ever since.

Portrait photo of Peter Russell-Clarke