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Ganit Goldstein

Ganit Goldstein is a 3D Textile and Fashion designer specialising in the development of smart textile systems. Ganit’s primary interest is in the intersection between craft and technology, combining virtual tools and tangible materials to extend the possibilities of programmable textiles. Her work focuses predominantly on pioneering the use of 3D printing fabrication to produce customized 3D textiles. 

Goldstein’s collections have received significant attention and won several prestigious prizes and press recognition. Her projects have been presented at exhibitions and museums globally, including Milan Design Week 2019, New York Textile Month, Munich Jewellery Week, TLV Biennale of Crafts & Design 2020 and many more.


• Horizon 2020, The European commission Re-FREAM grant.

• 1st prize winner 3D Pioneer Challenge 2020 - Fash & Tech & Best Student categories.

• Purmundus Challenge 2020 stand-out achievements in 3D and 4D printing - Finalist.

• RoPlastic Prize 2020, ‘Innovative Textiles’ category - Finalist.

• Silver prize, Indigo Award 2020, 3D CAD category.

RECREATE // Rhythm of Matter

What if textiles could respond to body gestures?

‘Rhythm of Matter’ explores the dynamic relationship between physical and virtual hand gestures through programmable interactive embroidery, simultaneously working both as a digital and a tangible fabric system.

The research explores the role of physical materials in a digital space and suggests new ways that smart textile developments operate as a bridge between tactile interactions and virtual sensations.

Over time, the change within programmable materials is revealed through the natural rhythms of textile structures. This system, a cycle of day and night, communicates movement, colour and sound through hand gestures and a light system.

The research investigates the border between ‘digital hands’ and tangible materials – how the former might extend the reality of the latter. It asks whether haptic experience might be explored differently by the hybrid of presence and remote matter

Large scale embroidery pattern with embedded electronics
Detail: flower shape repeated pattern with 3 types of embroidery thread. Designed to allow movement of the patels

Large scale embroidered fabric produced with special yarns and embedded electronics system that designed integrally to add a new dimension to fabrics within the production process. The textile made in a collaboration with Saurer's large-scale embroidery machinery with the R&D team in Switzerland, part of TaDA residency.


Conductive thread and glowing in the dark yarn


2 meters x 2 meters
Digital Tactility - embroidered fabric and virtual fabric systems working simultaneously with VR application and a light system
Virtual Reality application with interactive flower system that connected to the physical hand movement — The physical fabric is engineered also as a virtual fabric system, where the mapping of both in the digital space and the virtual space allowing movement and sound control for a hybrid system workflow.

Ganit Goldstein's working process - producing the large-scale embroidery system including day and night features that explores changing material properties over time both as digital and physical systems.

Working process and the result of two meters fabric system using embroidery and electronics embedded. The production made with more than 100 needles and special yarns to produce the interactive fabric. The result consists of a large-scale textile system designed to allow a new dimension to fabrics.

Interactive Fabric - Sound — Inspired by past technologies to innovate state-of-the-art responsive fabrics using programming and conductive elements.
Interactive Embroidery - Virtual Reality Application — An interactive VR app designed on top of the physical embroidered fabric to capture the movement of the physical hands in the digital space. The movement of the hands changing colour and shape in the digital space, with day and night light system, that translates both in the digital and physical spaces. The light system designed to be active with a finger pinch gesture.
Glowing in the Dark Fabric - Movement — Large scale embroidered fabric with glowing in the dark capabilities used as integral part of the fabric production
Embroidered Glowing Fabric
'Rhythm of Matter' - overall preview video

Clore-Bezalel scholarship

TaDA - Textile and Design Alliance


Textilmuseum st. Gallen