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Telecom Studios

Telecom Studios was created at the start of lockdown on the 22nd March 2020 and continued until 1st June 2020. Every weekday, a different person would set a new task and then we would meet on Zoom at 4pm to present and discuss everyone’s work. Some examples of tasks:

- Choose 3 things in your house that you haven’t touched for at least 6 months (or a long time) and respond to them.

- Learn the Savage dance in any form you wish

We had felt the need to come together and create a structure and daily routine during this first lockdown. Telecom Studios not only created a time for us to all be very prolific and make lots of work, it also created a space to come together and check in with each other daily during a time when everything felt very new and crazy.

Collaboration / Dance Moves Gallery
Featured in Theme: Virtually Real, Neighbours