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Sculpture (MA)

Helen Wilson

I was born in 1992 in Birmingham

I live and work in London

I'm one quarter of ADAM; fun times in an office off the Strand since September 2020

We've just made a publication which you can buy here

Helen Wilson

I’ve let my practice wander around on this Masters. My usual looking outwards from the top of a bus or from a cafe window has gone inwards - into my body. This letting go and relinquishing control or the need for an endpoint has expanded my practice and resulted in a disembodied arm here, a Freud chair there, some dancing around in a green morph suit and lots of drawings of elongated limbs and pink lines snogging. 

I’m using this platform to present a new piece of work converging both my practice and snippets of ideas, stories and memories into one stream of thought. It’s been nice to link up these fragments and draw new lines between them. It feels a bit like expanding a mental map…... like when you know two places really well and then you take a new route on the bus or by foot and realise how they connect up. It’s a good feeling; gaining this understanding.

By clicking the Launch Project link below, you can wander with me for a while getting a glimpse into this journey through my words and practice.