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Design Futures

Ziyue Zhuang

Ziyue Zhuang is a good person. 

He is also a future designer from Canton, China.

He had his bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from South China Agricultural University. After graduation, he further studied his MA in product design at Royal College of Art.

Degree Details

School of Design

Design Futures

Ziyue Zhuang focuses on the impact of world differentiation on design after key nodes and is currently preparing for the publication of "Parallel Design" with Ziyue Zhuang

He has a keen sense of social events, is good at digging out details with a unique vision, looking to the future with a meticulous logical mind, thinking from the perspective of the future and evolving into design motivation.

Blue print of Fermat
How Fermat works
How Fermat works
Lo-fi prototype
Hi-fi prototype
Hi-fi prototype

Fermat is a social experiment that tries to encourage people to create more knowledge that is shared by all of humanity. It is a collaborative innovation production community built with blockchain technology for sharing creativity.

By modularizing the creative process and forming a tree-like thinking divergence, Fermat mobilizes everyone's ideas in various creative fields, explores and realizes the combination and connection of different thinking (inspiration, creativity and realization form, etc.), thereby iteratively creates a variety of different product prototypes or technologies.

Fermat uses blockchain technology to provide copyright protection for creation, which makes digital creation unique and scarce, and also makes it more convenient for the copyright confirmation, preservation, and transaction of digital creation. Fermat will form a content economy trend in the community, encourage every producer in the industry to join the process of creation and enjoy the benefits of output, and promote the development of industry innovation.

Designer used the subconscious behavior of people to let those forgotten things return to the limelight of the life stage, remind people of their expectations when buying this thing and continue to realize the value of the product. In addition, it’s a good way to promote people to repair something broken instead of throwing away them.

Our technological trend
Multiple parallel futures under the technology node

This hypothesis is used to explain why we are always unable to accurately predict the future. The reason is that the development of human technology is not linear, but ladder-like. Our predictions in history, We are always developing along with our existing technology, so in certain periods, this prediction can be very accurate (2001 Space Odyssey), but when we predict the future at a position critical to the technological singularity, our The predicted and actual events are very likely to be completely different, and we are now at the forefront of a technological singularity

Happiness — Personal characteristics are distinguished from the dissolution of machine characteristics, and the defined happiness
Inhaler — Productivity tools in the future extremely involution society
Unhappiness — Policy is subject to the self-proclaimed definition of personal characteristics and happiness, and does our society really need rapid progress?
Inhaler pack
Inhaler pack
Standardized production process

The project tells about the future prediction under the political node based on the theory of technology node.

The first one tells how in a highly internalized future, the lives of workers will be defined by capital

The second is about the mode of our life possibility after reflecting on the behavior of excessive involution itself

The ironic history will be staged over and over again in a repetitive political future

How does politics affect products in different contexts

The advertisement that guides consumer demand

In the context of a highly consumerized society, in which form the concept of products will be changed by capital, all positives can be negative, all negatives can be positive, and all products will provide you with happiness, and this kind of happiness you think is what capital wants you to think.

Back in time — For a while, whenever I was sad, I could only relieve my sorrow through alcohol. I miss my childhood when I could hide myself in the closet to eliminate my sadness. So I put a portal in my closet to allow me to go back in time when I am drunk.
Scratch between illusion and reality
Scratch between day and night