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Ziyoo Hwang

I am Ziyoo, an illustrator and animator.

I left from South Korea, laid over in China, then landed in the UK.

After studying Illustration,

I fell in love with moving images and am now adapting it to share my stories.

I am a questioner.

I have carved countless question marks on my mind,

leaving traces that will never vanish,

slowly growing in numbers.

I am a storyteller.

I pick up the triggers in my daily life and then create another world,

somewhere similar but different to the real world.

I interweave imagination and truth.

With the thin filter I’ve applied to your eyes,

does the world look the same as the one before?

I am an archiver.

I collect thoughts and scattered ideas,

floating dreams that never have been engraved.

I challenge the invisible to be visible.

I am a wanderer.

I am hunting for more stories to be shared,

and then translating them into something that could be enjoyed,

including my own experiences and thoughts.

I am a traveller.

I am travelling around the world, seeking stories untold.

It’s about time to get a new ticket for the next round.

Departing from the UK, where is the plane heading?

Please daydream,

be absurd,

be imaginative!

Let’s escape from the world you’ve known before.

Hope you enjoy walking around my headspace.

Degree Details

School of Communication


Mark Fisher states that “many forms of depression are best understood and best combatted through frames that are impersonal and political rather than individual and psychological”.

In his book Capitalist Realism, he argues that there is widespread anxiety and depression in our society, caused by the capitalism. Bong, the director of the film Parasite, said, “We all live in the same country now: that of capitalism”.

I observed more and more people, especially those in my age group of Millennials and Gen Z, getting affected by mental health issues - even before the pandemic, in a world ruled by numbers. Now I see more of them in a world of uncertainty and isolation. Numbers are ruling the world, not only in our bank accounts, but also in time, height, weight, likes, followers and grades.

Virginia Woolf described her depression as a ‘nebulous fog’. I saw this nebulous fog covering us, working as the filter, altering our perception of our lives, making us more anxious and depressed.

Where does this fog come from?

What is it formed of?

Is there a way out?

This is my animated attempt to catch the fog.

Checking the Time
Checking the Time
Doors Opening
Doors Opening
Alarm Ringing
Alarm Ringing
Walking Down a Corridor
Walking Down a Corridor
Posting a New Post
Posting a New Post

Clips from the film 'The Fog'.


Digital Drawing
The Fog - Full Film

Full version of the animated film 'The Fog'


Digital Drawing


Showreel 2021 — Sound: A Journey Through The Universe - Lesion X
Wine & Cheese Board
Taste the Colours
The Smell of Summer — Based on the Photo Prompt by Still Here Still Life

This is a selection of my recent projects, featuring ‘The Fog’, ‘SHHHHH’ ‘Let’s Take a Walk’ and other smaller personal projects.

I communicate with visuals and images are my mother tongue. I collect interesting stories that I’d liked to share with others and then translate them into 2D moving and still images.

I believe in the power of empathy and shared emotions. Thus, magic realism and escapism are important themes in my practice, to make stories more relevant to a wider audience. Narratives and colours are key to my work. I interweave the real and the fictional. Tilted colours work as a filter to add absurdity to the ordinary moments.

Recent clients include SOFLI Project and United States of Deptford.


Digital Drawing