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Graphic Design

Yunzhu Chen

Chen Yunzhu (b.1996) was born in Hubei, China. She is an image-maker who spends most of the time drawing while daydreaming. She is obsessed with generating nonsense images and visualizing the feeling of nothingness.


“My passion was dead. For years it had rolled over and submerged me; now I felt empty.” Jean-Paul Sartre

None-feeling for her is that she couldn’t find the meaning in life,  but she is still living in this massive world. She created abstract animation aiming to convey how feelings of emptiness and fullness flooded at the same time. 

Things are happening constantly, it affects her, she wants to ignore these, but it plays with her. Things fill up her life and it all pulls away at one moment, then it fills up again, repeating and looping, but in the end, nothing is left, only oneself standing in the empty room.

The world is muffled, so muffled that no one can hear the shriek. The world is cacophonous, so cacophonous that everyone can hear the silence.

(Video Sound: Ruaridh Summers, Music: Chang Liu)


7:00 am

I woke up, I remember I have my first class at 7:30 am today

I hurriedly prepared everything I needed for school

Stepped into my dad's car at the fastest speed

7:20 am

Dad's car was parked on the opposite side

I saw my favorite rice noodle restaurant 

But there was a long line in front of it

I was willing to take that bite of rice noodles

So I waited

I was willing to take that bite of rice noodles

So I stayed

8:40 am

I'm still inline

This line seems to be endless

I don’t know when I can eat my beloved rice noodles

Maybe the first class is over now

10:00 am

Watching time goes by

I was anxious

I was bored

I hesitated

I faltered for a while

I was thinking about whether to leave or not

It's still in time for the last class of this morning

11:30 am

Finally, it’s my turn

I told the clerk

' Please give me a bowl of beef noodles. '

She answered me 

Sold out.


12:00 am

Neither did I go to important classes

nor have I eaten my favorite rice noodles  

25.03 2020

7:27 am

I woke up again

In bed in the UK








297mm* 420mm