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Photography (MA)

Yueyang Liu

Yueyang Liu is a Chinese photographer born in Beijing and is currently living and working in the UK. Joining MA Photography at the Royal College of Art with a BA degree in Film Theory Study, her research addresses the spectatorship of the camera when creating still imagery, and its ability to manipulate our comprehension without the consciousness of time.

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Photography (MA)

'Red is the color when you close your eyes'

With the use of a book format, I invite the pictures themselves to have a dialogue. Beijing on the left, London on the right, the spread creates a parallel space. This parallel space obscures the iconic geological differences, sharing the characteristics of both Beijing and London,but it belongs to neither Beijing nor London. In this parallel space, the conversation has produced a fierce montage, in which different cultures collide and rub, create something that is bizarre and magnificent. 

A plane from Beijing has landed in London. Birds crossed the page and laid eggs in the refrigerator. Did the goldfish in the Lama Temple pond swim into the Thames and run away? Was the bookmark that was used by passengers on Line 1 have a photo of the Paddington Branch? I am walking on the sidelines of each page, wandering within the content of both. Gradually, I could no longer tell which side was which. I closed my eyes towards the light, I didn't want to see or distinguish, but the red still flooded into my vision. I put my finger to the lens then recorded my heartbeat to the sun, the color red did not change throughout my journey.

Red Is The Color When You Close Your Eyes


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