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Sculpture (MA)

Yue Zheng (JC)

Yue Zheng (JC) was born in China, she has studied and lived abroad in the UK since 2005. Yue finished her BA in Textiles at the London College of Fashion (UAL). After graduating she began working within art direction. In 2013, Yue returned to China to establish a video production house in Shanghai, she was a creative director and producer. Since returning to London in 2019 her work has evolved and is now situated within a sculptural framework. Yue’s practice is multi-disciplinary: moving image, performance art, installation and mixed media.

Yue Zheng (JC) explores the intricacies surrounding authenticity and intimacy (in-to-me-see). She asks her work to reach under the lines of performance in search of 0 (a groundless realm where all routes are without contradiction). Yue considers the world a matrix of smashing marbles, warped reflections and lies; through her pain she explores uncomfortable psychological states in search of personal and collective healing. This emotional rollercoaster in its polarity is broken down for public exploration. The power of the work is founded in its vulnerability. Ultimately the works poetic nature aims to push us deep within ourselves in search of our own black holes and inner knowledge. 

Moonville — Film, 05mins44secs
Window and Chair — Film, 01min21secs
One surface with two side — Film, 01min11secs
Möbius — Film, 02mins24secs
Choreography for Moonville — Photo Documentation

Obsession-Illusion-Space in between, the work aims to explore the consciousness pasted on the underside of reality, uncovering the delusions and projections of our surroundings, the push and pull between reality and illusion.

What supports our reality is hidden in the dark or unknown.

The negative and positive are connected in the invisible. 

You constantly move on a curved surface, with head and tail conjoined— One surface with two sides.

It’s like a dot on the Mobius strip, these two spaces are connected by our movements.

Reality and illusion chase each other, covering and erasing like the action of drawing a circle over and over again, yet it can never repeat itself. Consciousness flows between mind and flesh, like an electric wave, the result of it is zero because truth only reveals itself in the moment of movements. 

Moonville is based on Buddhist mythology. The monkey fishing for the moon, also known as fishing for the moon in the well is one of the oldest children’s stories in Asia. It is originally from a classic book called Fayuan Zhuolin. The story tells of a tribe of monkeys who see the reflection of the moon in a well, they try to catch the moon and fall in. The film uses an anti-physical visual representation to construct a surreal, mysterious, yet logical context.




Scale Varies




There is another you dying.

The occurrence of multiple deaths and rebirths...

By seeking oneself to embrace the illusion or resist reality, it's a battle between oneself multi-consciousness. It tore me apart and glued me together. One replaces another, incomplete, repeating, and shall never stop.


Ink, Oil Pastel on paper; Digital Collage


15cm x 15cm
Untitled Wounds I
Untitled Wounds II
Untitled Wounds — Photographic Print

Untitled Wounds is inspired by Perineal Repair. 

“Despite the fact that maternity care has vastly improved over the past decade, women still sustain various degree of perineal trauma following vaginal births. This is one aspect of childbirth that women appear to be unprepared for. Findings from a fairly recent large RCT indicate that 85% women who have a vaginal birth will sustain some form of perineal trauma and up to 69% of these will require stitches. In the UK alone, approximately 1,000 women per day will require perineal repair following vaginal birth. Pain associated with perineal trauma can be very distressing for the new mother and may interfere with her ability to breast feed and cope with the daily tasks of motherhood. It also appears to have a clear causal association with sexual dysfunction and ultimately may affect the woman’s relationship with her partner.” — Adul H. Sultan, Ranee Thakar, Dee E. Fenner Perineal and Anal Sphincter Trauma

The work reflects the realization of trauma caused by childbirth. Ultimately this triggered me to think about human reproduction, existence, and death. 

A photographically printed version was made for the FESTUS group exhibition “Together it seams” at the Standpoint Gallery, each balloon was scanned (compressed) into a digital file, and every time, the result of the scan was unpredictable.

Dr. Buckingham provided first-hand research and performed perineal repair surgery (demonstration on steak and silicone mould ). Specialty Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London.


Latex, Cotton Thread, Perspex


Triptych, Individual 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Surrender, Surrender, Surrender

We surrender part of our body

This part no longer belongs to us.

The body is transforming

it is becoming a container, no longer serving our purpose

it separates from me (us). In such distance; 

Consciousness swims on the edge;

it cannot reach us like a wave retreating into the depths of the ocean.

One has been taken to occupy the other;

Left, right, 

up, down, 

kneel, stand, 

lean, fall,

Seeking the space to breathe ,

”Body” is fading,

inhale, exhale, unbuild, rebuild

Spiritual/Mind to connect

Or collapse.


Performance at Old Operating Theatre Museum. Performer Yue Zheng & Zhuning Pan.