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Yiran Chu


Royal College of Art, MA Interior Design, 2019-2021 / London, UK  

Nanjing Normal University, BA Environment Design, 2015-2019 / Nanjing, CHINA


Mission Magazine (Posted by Madeline Brik), 2020 / UK

Work In Progress Show, 2020 / Royal College of Art, UK

Kortrijk Creativity Week Design Exhibition, 2019 / Kortrijk, Belgium 

Chinese Creative Design Annual, Chinese Artists Association, 2019 / CHINA

The 10th Art and Design Exhibition of Chinese Universities, 2018 / CHINA

Degree Details

School of Architecture



How do we create queer spaces with social qualities as well as providing a sense of safety in a public place?

For LGBTQ community, what is the balance between public and private in Northampton to make a place of sanctuary?

In response to the epidemic closure of queer venues and the issue of rising homophobic hate crimes across Northampton during Covid-19, the proposal aims to create a travelling queer venue to provide the LGBTQ community a place of sanctuary.

By appropriating the foldable closet and maze to transform redundant public spaces in Northampton into opportunities for socialisation. The structure itself will provide areas for entertainment, as well as providing social support and private, safe spaces for intimate discussion.

Research Storyboard 1 — The research focused on the notably large LGBTQ community in Northampton. In response to the closure epidemic of queer venues and the issue of rising homophobic hate crimes across Northampton during Covid-19.
Research Storyboard 2 — The proposal aims to create a travelling queer venue in redundant public spaces to provide the LGBTQ community a place of sanctuary and give people a sense of community.
Concept Idea - Closet
Concept Idea - Spatial Arrangement
Rotating Balance — Exploring the balance between public to private vistas through a performance.
User experience (Key moments) — The travelling queer club is going to populate one of the redundant public space in Northmapton and provide much needed sanctuary and support for LGBTQ community.
Maze Panel Composition
Maze Panel Type 1-6
Maze Panel Type 6-12
Material Palette
Hand Drawn Stop Motion — The unfolding process.
Schematic Development — Process of unfolding
Schematic Development — Fully open
Floor Plan _ Scale 1:50
Front Elevation_Scale 1:30
Section A-A_Scale 1:30
Section B-B_Scale 1:30