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Experimental Design

Yinqiu Tang

Yinqiu is developing friendly interaction systems to gamify movement.

Interactions are designed to generate positive feedback for easy-to-access health activities in daily life scenarios.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Design

2020-2021 has been tough, for all of us.

Through human-robot interaction and social play, I want to make it easier for us to bond in person and to engage with our communities after a long period of lockdown and life stress.

With this show prototype, I chose balancing boards as a sample extension to connect with the interaction system. They have wide coverage of domestic use and are generally easy to get started in existing health applications. The specific model chosen is a market product fit for rehabilitation purpose.

"This is Sierra Four Zulu Charlie. Ready to move."

Collaborative play in Barbican — In the video, we recruited participants and performed collaborative play testing in a variety of community space and ground conditions, both outdoor and indoor.

Created in collaboration with community users

Supported by RCA Robotics lab

On the foundation of Arduino community libraries

To experience a variety of game sets, play in collaboration mode or competition mode, or even design your own game, come to our IED satellite show at Menier Chocolate Factory, 23-25 July.




Radio communicating movement data between the robot and controllers — The number of sensor controllers can be adapted to host 1-5 players.
Interaction system extensions — Sensor controllers can be re-programmed to connect with other domestic applications.
Draft game rules for competition mode
Draft game rules for collaboration mode


electronics, microcontrollers, piezoceramic sensors, radio transceivers, DC motor driver, lithium batteries
The operational system — an Arduino project with simple electronic components

The design framework, key stages and clips of the making process are shown in the video. The first prototype took around three months to materialise and a further month for game design and testing.

Background soundtrack "The Dream Of Universe" by Maxim Kornyshev is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0




An invitation for a three-minute listening experience with your eyes closed

Created in collaboration with a community audience





IED hotline extension number #224

To share how you would like to play the robot game, or what you've experienced in your imaginary world, please dial the free IED hotline number 020 39831592 or overseas +(44)2039831592. International calls cost subject to your operators' fees.