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Design As Catalyst

Yichuan Wang

Yichuan Wang comes from Beijing, China, and he had his bachelor degree BFA of Industrial Design in California College of the Arts. After graduation, he further studied his MA in product design in Royal College of Art. Many of his works involves in lifestyle, sports, kitchen and sustainability.

I am convinced that design provides people with a different perspective of looking at things. It is about learning the context of your scenario as a whole picture and provide your creative perspectives that will make your voice heard. It asks for cooperation and teamwork more than ever. We might want to constantly ask questions and be critical about what has been widely accepted. It is often more about raising questions than rush an answer. Also, taking time as a critical dimension into our ideas and works often provides a valuable perspective of re-evaluation of what we do.

I think everyone would benefit from learning design processes and thinkings in order to organize their life better.

City Bird View — A view of the scene from a city skyscraper in a morning traffic
Prototyping — The bush box scaled model variations. The circular final model comes from the inspiration of a section cut from a tree trunk as is represents time nature.
3D printed scale section model of the BUSH BOX
laser cut section model
section model hydroponic tests
Crucial data tracking — This is about using sensors to track the important datas that would influence the plants growth
Final Scale Model
Plant as a companion over time
What if it rains?
The Bush Box Circadian Cycle Map
Hypothesis of the stakeholder analysis

Bush Box is a hydroponic based plantation device that is installed on the top of cars to raise plants and then help the driver to offset his carbon footprint in the city and reduce the toxic gas levels for the city. As I live in Beijing, the city's air pollution of smog has been serious especially during winter and early spring. In 2014 there are 92% of Chinese that are exposed to serious polluted air for more than 120 hours. And from 2000 to 2010, there are 6.2% of GDP lost in China due to air pollutions. There are over 6.6 million car by March of 2021 with over 10 million drivers, and if every car contributes to 1 square meter of roof top green space, that is 6.6 million square meters, which equals 929 standard football fields of green land covering.

The plant can be easily raised and maintained in the device, and potentially transplanted to the vertical version of the device to keep raising the plants in companion with your house and accompany the user as they grow over time. It is really a set of tools that use high efficiency but low tech simple technologies to help people to raise hydroponic plants in a way that is vastly different from conventional soil based models. It helps to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere by natural photosynthesis processes, which city drivers might have the responsibility to participating due to their car emission. It also provides a beautiful city scape of moving jungle of green.


3D printing, laser cutting acrylic, plants, coconut fibre, ABS, PP, Rhino, keyshot, C4D


90cm* 110cm*26cm