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Design As Catalyst

Xinyi Gu

"Owning It" means owning desires, rights, and initiatives in sex.

We've fought for women's rights in many different ways, however, we hardly talk about the rights in sex. This project focuses on female's sexual pleasure, especially in a heterosexual relationship.

"Owning It" is a series of lights aiming to help to express a female's sexual needs and preferences. Through these lights, there will be questions for women who use them like "How I want to be treated during sex?" It's all about women reclaiming their rights.

Degree Details

School of Design

Design As Catalyst

As a product designer, I'm fascinated by the interaction between people and the physical world and hope to have meaningful involvement in the world through design. I want to pay attention to some subtle changes in today's world and then reflect on these phenomena through my design skills and knowledge.

Owning it
Whisper to Me — Get close enough and whisper to it to turn on the light.
Whisper to Me
Hug Me Tight — Hug the cushion tightly enough to turn on the light on the wall.
Hug Me Tight
Let’s Have More Play — Play with it for a while and when it's long enough the light is on.
Let’s Have More Play
Truth — the orgasm gap and cognitive difference
The input
The internal structure

The sexual pleasure gap between men and women is the starting point of this project. It is often ignored for the physical differences between genders, however, researches indicate that heterosexual women are having the least orgasms compared to other groups. The reasons are various, and "owning it" focuses on the communication between a couple. It is to give women an easier way to express their needs.

Women's bodies have been objectified for a long history. So in my project, there is a discussion about body and object as we have to treat the objects as a part of a woman's body while we treat the female body like objects in real life.

In addition to the three lights above, there are much more desires waiting to be expressed out. Therefore "Owning It" may be developed into a more abundant series in the future.


Plastic, Silicone