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Digital Direction (MA)

Vladimir Molico

Vlad is a design and innovation polymath fascinated by the potential impact of life-centred design, emerging digital technologies, and storytelling, in anticipating and shaping positive futures.

During his recent studies at the Royal College of Art (2021), he contributed to various collaborative creative projects focused on inclusive and sustainable collective storytelling development, addressing microaggressions on campus, neurodiversity inclusion in urban design, and democratising and decolonising education.

As a designer, he has delivered complex brand design and user experience improvement projects for leading British architects Farrells and Wilkinson Eyre, the UK and US legal, property and financial sectors, as well as for cultural sector organisations and independent practitioners. He was also a visiting lecturer in BA Advertising at the London College of Communication.

As an advertising creative director/art director at Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann and TBWA\Friends in his native Bucharest, Vlad led multidisciplinary teams and delivered culturally significant integrated campaigns for top-tier local and international brands. Awards include Cannes Lions and Effie.

Since graduating from MA Digital Direction in early 2021, Vlad set up the design and innovation co-lab practice // this is it . > studio, where together with multidisciplinary teams they started to develop self-initiated digitally powered initiatives aimed at tackling microaggressions in higher education, and services revolutionising smart tv content.

Vlad's methodology aims to be socially conscious, embracing chaos as immanent, research-led, radically collaborative, experimental, discipline and medium agnostic, and to critically examine common knowledge. His mission is to always strive in delivering meaningful, inclusive and sustainable outcomes.

Counterspace App - Process Diagram

Counterspace App is a collective intelligence based service framework aimed primarily at the education sector. It relies on the power of collaborative storytelling in developing a sustainable community-designed and managed digital platform for raising awareness and building an empathetic community in the effort of tackling microaggressions.

The ultimate goal is to create an always up-to-date community-negotiated definition and understanding of microaggressions, whilst offering an accurate and transparent roadmap for meaningful institutional and systemic action against discrimination.

This project is now being developed as a service under a social enterprise and we are actively looking for collaborators, mentors, sponsors and supporters. If you want to be part of the project, please get in touch.