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Narrative Animation

Tingli Yue

Tingli Yue graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2019. In her undergraduate study, many of her illustrations have been collected and kept by school and were sent for the Art·Xin Youth Works exhibition. Her graduation animation project was selected into the K11 Stuttgart Animation Works Exhibition. She created The Cat, Malena, Pause.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Narrative Animation

Tingli Yue is an animation director and illustrator, and she is good at character design and concept design. She always hungry for new ways of approaches. Now she has returned back to China to work. She wants to explore how animation can be used to better express her thoughts by observing and recording things around her as a source of inspiration.


During her study at the Royal Academy of Art, Yue Tingli found her favorite visual style after constant attempts. The project she is currently working on is a story about her hometown, a story about what happened during the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic.

In this world, those affected by the epidemic will present as black and white, and those that are not affected will retain their original color. She plans to tell the story from a swallow's perspective, which may not be just the swallow's perspective but the perspective of most strangers. It's just a hidden camera capturing the whole story. At the end of the story, she is not going to reveal the ending from a bird's perspective. She plans to tell the story behind this "camera" from the perspective of the characters who are going through it. Yue Tingli plans to present the whole work in the form of two-dimensional animation, and she is currently trying to add details to make her character more vivid.




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