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Design Through Making

Tian Gao

Tian is a Chinese product designer/maker currently based in London. With his manufacturing engineering background and passion for traditional craft, he is seeking brand new inspiration and perspective on enhancing the interaction experience and understanding between the user and design.

In traditional arts and craft education, students refine their skills by mimicking the master’s movement and repeatedly practising, but due to the differences in expression and understanding ability, some skills are difficult to understand and comprehend

In this project, Tian explored how to capture and record these fine movement, convert them into digital codes, to achieve a better understanding and more precise documenting, as well as enhance the learning experience by applying the coed to repeat and replay the process. 

— Master is allowed to perform with actual material and tool, the movement will be recorded by multi-sensor on different axis, the code will be generated in real-time. The code will be used to drive the motors to recreate the same actions as the master did. students can experience the movement and workflow by holding the tool, therefore gain more understanding of the actual process
part design for 3d prnting
part deisgn for manufacture
part deisgn for metal folding