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Sculpture (MA)

Taylor Davies-King

UK based artist Taylor Davies-King (b. 1994, she/her) works primarily between Essex and London. She previously studied her BA in Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth before pursuing MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

Her work has previously been exhibited both nationally and internationally including at Standpoint Gallery (London), Royal Academy of Arts (Den Haag, Holland), Artsway, (Dorset). In the coming month, a physical presentation, including new works, will be on view via Cromwell Place, (London) and her personal website. She has also been awarded grants from the Teethcut Prize and other internal organisations for her academic research and physical work.

In 2020, Davies-King launched Thinking Space; an online community platform that encourages inner work and elevating consciousness through a multidisciplinary of processes'

Davies-King is open for conversation and opportunities, residencies local and abroad. For commission, or general enquiries, please email

My practice integrates sculpture, painting, poetry, sound, digital media and performance to inform loose narratives; often centred around the body and everyday experiences. I am particularly interested in how processes of storytelling can occur in multiple dimensions. Spanning across contrasted disciplines, my works range from small-scale installations populated by real-life ‘characters’ to monumental paintings, soundscapes and other dreamlike forms.

More information regarding my works and any forthcomings can be found directly via my website here.

under the moonlight, 2021 — 200cm x 150cm, Installation view
under the moonlight, 2021 — Close up detail
under the moonlight, 2021 — Close up detail
under the moonlight (text), 2021 — A fractured and dreamlike prose poem.


Acrylic, pastel, oil on canvas, brick, text on paper


Dimensions variable
Vimeo link

For this project, Gertrude Gibbons (Writing MA RCA 2019-2021) and I discussed the many forms of story-telling and word painting via music; how various techniques of the violin could be utilised to emphasise and complement ideas and objects exhibited in one given space. After direction, Gibbons performed and produced various violin sounds.These raw sounds were then incorporated into a soundtrack produced, designed and edited by Daryl Notridge (from the collective Motus Anima) and myself. More information is available on my website project page here.


studio room, 2021 — 3D computer graphics experiment


3D computer graphic