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Tavga Guttstadt

Tavga Guttstadt is a visual artist and researcher based in London (from Hamburg). In 2016, she graduated with a BA in Product Design from Kingston University, where she then became a technical fellow. Tavga was awarded the Burberry Design Scholarship in 2018 for her studies at the RCA. She has participated in an art residency at Loading, in Amed, and an internship at the Kunstverein in Hamburg.

During her MA in IED, her practice has developed from mainly 3D pieces into working predominantly with sound and moving image. She understands her work as multi-sensory collages as she seeks to create an experience of woven information, throwing the viewer into a place between knowing and imagining.

Upcoming exhibitions

02–03.07. 2021; Beyond The Frame, The Horse Hospital, WC1N 1JD

23–25.07. 2021; BEEP BEEP, Menier Gallery, SE1 1RU

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Preservation as a form of resistance. 

In her current work Tavga Guttstadt uses the process of fermentation as a metaphor for the preservation of Kurdish culture. It serves as a conceptual framework to understand the complexity of cultural preservation by analysing the link between adaptation and assimilation, and examines the way in which our environment influences our growth. 

The ongoing and ever-changing oppressive political atmosphere the Kurdish population is subject to required Kurdish culture to adapt in reaction. Similar like cooking recipes that often manage to maintain alive over hundreds of decades, Kurdish culture has primarily been preserved through oral history. The research is based on the biological process as well as the political situation. Thereby, fermentation is seen as an investment in regards to our future survival. The outcome of her research is an experimental documentary called Hinar. The work combines the visual narrative of pomegranate fermentation with thoughts and experiences from research interviews. In this work the pomegranate incorporates both - Kurdish culture as well as the complexity of identity itself. 

It emphasises the importance of art and cultural work as a form of resistance. As the creation of art and platforms of cultural work actively enhances the preservation of the Kurdish culture. Moreover, these create a space for mutual experiences and strengthens the sense of identity. Thus taking back agency in defining this shared knowledge, and creating counter parts to the negative experience inflected through the political atmosphere.

Stills from Hinar (2021)
Stills from Hinar (2021)
Stills from Hinar (2021)
Still from Hinar (2021)

Special thanks to

Mükrime Avci, Sakina Teyna and Şêrko Kanîwar

DoP: Tamás Méder

Co-Editing: Calif Chong

Actors: Sahar Amar, Aya Amar, Maryam Fahim

Sound Design: Mariam Bergloff

Sound Recording: Maia Magoga

Fabrics: Katrina Wilde


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Burberry Design Scholarship

Burberry Foundation