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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)

Man Taratorn

I’m Man Taratorn, a Thai multidisciplinary designer from Bangkok. 

With my playfulness, imagination and human-centred approach, I deliver future visions through a game-changing and meaningful design solution. 


My professional experience as UX/UI designer includes working on both digital and physical experiences with a wide range of design solutions through user interface design, user experience design, service design, strategy, branding, product design, corporate identity, and environmental graphics. With over 4 years of working experience, I have worked to help various companies in different industries from fintech, real estate, agriculture and education on both local and international scales to create a positive impact on society. 

UX/UI designer @KBTG (Kasikorn Business-Technology Group), Bangkok, Thailand

A scholar with a full-ride Kasikorn Bank and KBTG scholarship awarded annually for two employees in 2019 for Master study 


MA/MSc Global Innovation Design – Royal College of Art & Imperial College London

BFA Industrial Design –  King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand (Second Class Honours)

My design practice is to challenge our perception of seeing the world from a different perspective. During my time in GID, I have developed a sensitive lens to see the problems, question the status quo and seek for new behaviour changes, provocative thoughts and radical design solutions. 

I do believe that designing new perception can help us perceive the world without preconception, define the meaning of ordinary things with the extraordinary interpretation and embrace a more humanised and empathetic solution.

Mealody Short Flim

What If Music Could Help Us Eat Less? 

Lifestyle diseases such as type2 diabetes and obesity are on the rise every year. More than 3.7 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes. One of the main causes comes from unhealthy food we eat. Whenever we try to control an intake of unhealthy food, our body responds to make us crave them more and end up overeating. This is a vicious circle of dieting.

Mealody presents an enjoyable solution to control diets in an immersive audio experience by using a music algorithm. Multisensory perception research indicates that slow tempo and soothing music could be a cue to help us taste the flavour more, eat more slowly with more satiety and thus consume less. So, we still can eat what we want in a smaller amount. 

By integrating musical stimulus with an intelligent algorithmic system, Mealody not only suggests a liveable and playful way to help us better manage our diets but also encourages a healthier eating lifestyle and changes our perception of food with more mindfulness.

Lifestyle diseases and problems of dieting
Multisensory perception research shown that slow tempo of music could help us eat less
Mealody: Music and Food Pairing Service System
How does the algorithm work?
Mealody app to create your musical profile
This app can suggest soundtracks with healthy menu to nudge you eat more healthily
Sensing ring can detect nutritional elements from your food
Schematic of Sensing ring
Mealody Audio Speaker
Schematic of Mealody Speaker
User Scenario 1
User Scenario 2

Mealody presents a music and food pairing service to help us control our diets with four complementary interventions of a music generative algorithm, musical profile application, wearable device and audio speaker. 

In this service, you start by setting up your own music preference then, your profile will be synced with a sensing ring through a music algorithm. When you have your meals, the ring can detect and display nutritional elements from your food, helping you make better eating decisions. Then, it connects with an audio speaker to play soothing music based on your preference and food you eat. In this relaxing musical vibe, you’ll taste it more, eat more slowly with more satiety and ultimately consume less.

Music and Eating Behaviour Experiment
Multisensory and Cross Modal Perception Research
3D Sound Prototype
Design Development

This project is in collaboration with Professor Charles Spence from Cross Modal Perception Research Lab, Department of Experimental Psychology at University of Oxford. Inspired by the effect of music and eating behaviour, I conducted a virtual experiment to find a link between musical cues and our eating habits from 3 types of persona groups ( diabetics, obese people and health influencers)

With a partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham diabetes support group, this included an online workshop, focus group and in-depth interview which strengthened and verified the effectiveness of music about reducing food consumption rate and the potential success of this unique design solution. 

In terms of designing an appealing audio experience in a real scenario, this sound prototype is made with 3D sound effects to simulate a realistic and immersive sound via Audacity software and Premiere Pro.

Bugbite - Exploring to overcome our preconception of eating bugs
Branding design — Inspired by the combination of bugs and snacks, these key visuals represent cute, fun and amble characteristic
Badges and Ticket Wristband
Staff Outfit and Website
Cutlery sets & Snack packaging
Bugbite special receipt — telling about benefits of eating bugs in terms of health and environment

An exploration of overcoming our preconception of eating bugs

Bugbite is a fun and exploratory workshop that challenges people to reimagine eating bugs and aims to create positive perception towards bugs as a sustainable revolution of food resources for our better health, environment and future. 

Inspired by insights and experiments, the taste and texture of bugs are close to snacks like potato chips. What if people knew that the taste of bugs is similar to snacks? Do they have a positive perception and open their mind to appreciate the flavour of bugs?

Bugbite Workshop
Blind Tasting
Guess and Be Surprised by the Similarities between Bugs and Snacks
Understand More about the Benefit of Eating Bugs
Summary of Service Journey
Bugbite Full Movie - showing an entire experience of Bugbite

In this mysterious workshop, a butler will randomly serve bugs and snacks and you’ll blindly eat them. Then, you’ll need to guess what kind of bug you ate and be surprised by the similarity between snacks and bugs! 

Bugbite is not just a fun workshop that helps you have a positive perception towards bugs, at the end, you will learn more about the impact and benefit of bugs you eat not only for your health but also for our planet.

LOY — Redefining cultural celebration to create a balance between the cultural ritual and environment
What's Loy Krathong Festival? — Inspired by the tradition, this leads a problem statement
Insight to design question — What if we could release negative feelings into the river instead of releasing krathongs? in order to avoid creating water pollution.
LOY — A digital algorithm and emotion projector to celebrate in this festival by reviewing our emotions and releasing all negativities throughout the year into the river at the night of the festival.
User Scenario
LOY short film — This was made during lockdown so, I used a baby bathtub instead of filming near the river but it was so much fu

How might we celebrate the Loy Krathong festival without harming the river? 

Loy Krathong is a festival in Thailand celebrated annually in November. Loy means to float, Krathong is a vessel made of banana leaves and flowers. Thai people release a Krathong as a symbol of releasing bad feelings into the river.

After only one night, the Krathongs turn into rubbish that harm marine lives and are difficult for waste management. 

What if people could celebrate this festival by releasing their negativity into the river and reviewing their emotion throughout the year? Instead of releasing Krathongs into the river to avoid creating water pollution. 

Introducing LOY, a digital algorithm and emotion projector. The algorithm in your smartphone and laptop will collect your facial expression throughout the year as emotional data. At the night of Loy Krathong festival, all emotion data will be sent to the lotus-shape projector, the projector will activate only near the river bank and project your feelings into the river, it’s a festive time to review your emotion. When seeing your sadness, you can swipe your hand above the projector to float all negativity away into the river as a metaphor of releasing sadness and starting new life in the next coming year.