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Siying Chen

Siying Chen is a knitted textile designer, artist and animator based in China. She has a background in fashion textiles. Her MA work has taken a different direction, highlighting the difficulties of being human with a view to improved mental health and healing. She likes to observe our human bodies and emotions, interpreting and communicating her observations in a humorous and whimsical way.

Project title: Praise for Yawn 

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About : “Praise for Yawn” is a stop-frame animation made through the use of knitting and Claymation. It is created for people who are struggling with boredom to aid their emotional healing. With much of the world having spent weeks in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been experiencing moments of boredom. Most of the time boredom is defined as a negative feeling, and people try to find distractions to avoid it.

“Praise for Yawn” looks at boredom in a positive way, conveying the idea that embracing boredom could lead to creativity. The animation tells a mind-wandering story of a bored protagonist, as the story progresses his growing sense of boredom helps spark new imaginative ideas.

praise for yawn
story explanation
work in progress
War Against Acne

“War Against Acne" is an emotional healing project and has an educational purpose for people struggle with acne problem. It is aims to create a series of electronical knitted characters for animation. The story starts with an operation to find out the acne problem, and the amusing plots follow it. The story is told in a humorous way to convey the idea that people need a positive attitude towards anxiety.