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Ruby Childs

Ruby Childs is a 3D Textile Designer, focusing on textiles within a digital landscape. She is particularly interested in how we bring textiles and materials to life, through interaction and play within a dynamic landscape.

Ruby has spent 7+ years as a Programmer and Data Scientist and more recently within Product. This has allowed her to consider how we develop digital practices and sketchbooks. This intersection of skills has allowed her to develop a digital approach to design of tools and textiles.

She was inspired to study at the RCA, from her love of design and seeing how impactful digital practices can be. Her work begins to consider alternative design systems for textile materials.

REIMAGINE // Sublime Landscapes

Ruby considers the concept of Sublime Landscapes. Coined by Edmund Burke in the 18th century the Sublime is an artistic effect producing the strongest emotions the mind is capable of feeling. It is traditionally considered something one should experience alone, and in a similar vein Wordsworth writes of experiencing the sublime in nature, alone. This feeling of being alone is that which we feel in the digital space but is not connected with the sublime. Ruby’s work tries to make sense of experience and design within a digitally sublime landscape.

Ruby also explores the world of NFTs, considering what it means to not just democratize accessibility to artwork, but also in creating artwork. Her landscapes allow users to interact and download their viewports to then be used as NFTs. Ruby's overall approach is to use cutting-edge approaches to textiles, including 3D programs, shaders and Javascript, combining these with knowledge around colour, tactility, and traditional forms.

Initially Ruby delve into using 3D software to create landscapes formed from simple lines, reflecting the layering process seen in lines when creating patterns from Moire. Moire is a pattern whereby we layer lines on one another creating patterns only visible to the eye. This transformed to become landscapes of beauty and depth, and an abstraction away from Moire itself.

3D Design software allows us to test and combine materials in ways we cannot physically do. This enables us to be inventive with our combinations, whilst also surpassing and breaking a materials physical property. Hence can reduce the carbon footprint of the textiles industry, by reducing the amount we test and develop.


Digital Image
Sublime Projection

Ruby furthered her work into forming interactive landscapes. This enabled her to create interactive experiences, where one can navigate and explore the surface. Hence each creating different and new viewports depending on interest.

Additionally, Ruby has been increasingly involved with the world of NFTs, as a new way to collect and share digital artworks. NFTs both enable and increase accessibility to art, however the creative process itself is not yet democratized. Hence within her interactive landscapes she enables the ability to create snapshots to sell on NFT websites.


Three.js and GLSL shaders
Instructions for how to use the Sublime Landscape Tool
How to Use: Sublime Landscapes

Here, Ruby introduces us to creating our own NFTs through the concept of a snapshot. Open the menu and select camera on your view and you'll now have a downloadable image. Feel free to walk through the video tutorial on how to create an NFT whilst navigating the world of the sublime.


Three.js and Shaders

Royal Commission 1851