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Sound Design

Rosie Ann Boxall

Rosie is a London based sound designer and audio editor, with an interest in voice and oral culture. After training in sound for TV, film and radio at the University of Lincoln, she has expanded her practice at the Royal College of Art experimenting with the possiblities of sound based art.

Her work with oral history and storytelling comes from her experience in radio and podcasting, where she wants to enhance the format to more creative and experimental heights. She believes that listening is the most engaging way of learning and always aims for her work to expose those who listen to it towards new perspectives and experiences of life and culture.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Sound Design

The Magical Stories of Old Britain is a long form spoken-word piece made to encourage engagement in British folk heritage and highlight the fragile and ever-changing nature of oral storytelling. It explores the idea of myths, multiple truths and perspectives, meaning that a story can’t be told in one particular way. Oral storytelling works in a beautiful way that reading cannot, by relying on our memory and challenging our occularcentralism of “I have to see it to believe it”.

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Full Piece

The Magical Stories of Old Britain is a collection of spoken word performances of traditional British folktales. It features 15 mythical stories each told through the perspectives of 5 contradicting characters. Whose story do you choose to believe?

Listen to the full piece here or listen alongside others across the world on Resonace FM on the 24th June at 8pm and/or 25th June at 10am (GMT).

This version is best listened to using headphones. 




57 minutes