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Sound Design

Rahul Pradhan

Rahul Pradhan is an artist and musician with a background in industrial design, journalism, and engineering. By taking as a starting point the notion of ineffability, the sublime and the desire for self-transcendence, his work exposes one's experience and relationship to the human condition. Through the immediacy of gesture and rhythm, Rahul has been exploring fear, conflict, resistance, escapism, nature, the alien, and the limits of language and knowledge, both within and without.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

30.06.2021 - 01.07.2021 | Leave No Trace, IKLECTIK, London SE1 7LG

23 - 25.07.2021 | BEEP BEEP!, Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU

Degree Details

School of Communication

Sound Design

Most of humanity exists within a conflicted paradigm centered around fear, desire, authority, resistance and seeking. The resultant equilibrium is that of a permanent "distancing", a self-imposed barrier that shields one from potential harm, but also prevents us from fully encountering the entirety of oneself and thus the world. Is it possible for this barrier to dissolve? What is encountered when in this space of vulnerability and openness?

To explore the above, the project then becomes an excavation into the unconscious. In relinquishing control and confronting its inherent movement through embodiment, the discomfort encountered in such a state presents a conflict between creation and curation, perceived chaos and order. The emerging contents take the form of visual and sonic movements of glistening terror and shining hope, each step moving towards an unnameable source, and thus away from the comfort of knowledge. 

Gesture, before language, being the most immediate expression of creative impulse, seemingly unrelated becomings are connected by indescribable threads, hinting at the source from which they emerge. The resulting artifact thus, is a mirror into the abyss of the mind.

The intent then is to meet the unknown in one's lived experience, fully, completely, and thus stepping into it. It is in this space that one unfolds, revealing what we really are.

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