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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Quanjing Mao

Quanjing Mao


MA - Jewellery and Metal

BA - Digital Media Art


Quanjing combines contemporary media art representations with wearable technology to create her own style. ‘Rebirth’ is at the heart of Quanjing‘s timeless design – it is the pursuit of freshness and sensitivity, and the value that comes with it. With her thoughts on contemporary jewellery and its redefinition, Quanjing continues to research and explore different visual forms. She redefines sharp observation and aesthetics in each piece of work.


Awards and exhibitions

Ugly Beauty

· Exhibited in the RCA’s Dyson Gallery, London, jewellery, metalwork and video work (2019)

Persecutory Delusion

· Jewellery published in SICKY magazine (June 2019)

· Won Premio 2018 student awards at ‘Gioielli in Fermento’ 2018, and a series of jewellery designs was exhibited in the student section of the show at the Villa Braghieri in Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza, Italy) (2018)


· Won Excellent Graduation Work Award for interactive installation at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (2018)

Savage Growth and That Is A Question

· Won First prize with two works, a sculpture, Savage Growth, and a video work titled That Is A Question at Tianjin Youth Art Festival from over 2000 entries (2016)

Love Hometown

· Won Second prize at ‘Love Hometown’ competition at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (2016)

· Won the Excellent Volunteer Award in the Italian Pavilion at the Tianjin International Design Week protecting designers’ artefacts, explaining functions, guiding guests and introducing products to investors (2015)

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Quanjing’s undergraduate background is in digital media art. Most of the areas she studied in Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art have involved interactive installation jewellery, which has specific functions. In the first year of the MA course, she preferred to work within product design. Functionality is a very important factor for her, and her focus is on a healthy lifestyle and sustainability. In her opinion, jewellery can not only be worn as a product of beauty, but can also be used in daily life. In her opinion, the usability of jewellery should not always be determined by the material and the price. New materials can also be used to make it affordable for everyone. Fun and practicality were the key words in her first year.

After a long period of precipitation and thinking, she fully realised the importance of emotion to normal life during the six months of doing nothing. She used to be a person who ignored emotions. On the contrary, her current project focuses more on emotional expression, which is a dialogue. Now she is undertaking a number of emotional visualisation projects, which return to the essence of jewellery, and relate to narrative and storytelling. She has expressed the best memories of these five years in the form of jewellery, to record her memories.


This is an emotional visualisation project, returning to the essence of jewellery, which involves narrative and storytelling. Quanjing has expressed the best memories of these five years in the form of jewellery, and she plans to make a collection to record the memories. Quanjing is now living alone in London. Fortunately, her good friend left her some of her basic living tools and equipment, mainly kitchen items which makes her feel that she is not eating and living alone when she uses them to eat every day. In parallel time and space, they are together.

When Quanjing finished the work and showed it to her friend, the friend was so moved that she cried. They will see each other in August and continue to work on a spin-off project called ‘Intimacy’. It's also about continuing to express that friendship through work.


Fine silver, Rice&flower Paper,Rice&plaster


65x65x80mm 2/95x95x8mm 3/140x140x8mm 4/15x15x9mm 5/90x270x5mm

As people increasingly rely on the convenience of technology, health has become one of the issues that people pay more and more attention to.

Cycling is an environmentally friendly and full-body activity, and Quanjing plans to use creative and attractive jewellery to raise awareness about people's lifestyles.

She aims to make engaging and analytical cycling tools which beautify and engage cyclists. ‘22’ is the model of the future 22nd-century bicycle.

She is going to continue this project until it is portable and abe to be used. She hopes to find a suitable material in the future for it to become a part of everyday life as a mature jewellery work.


Plastic, recycled resin


100x150x65mm /120x80x125mm /70x60x30mm /85x65x30mm /80x65x25mm

The work was based around the concept of 'original sin' - the idea that all humans led to sin by either knowledge or ignorance, and that all sins first occur through sight of 'desired', but remain hidden to others. The work sought to make these sins visible, literally bringing them to the surface. The form of the eyeball and 'bubbles' that referenced her birth mark (a small growth behind the ear which she believed to be a visible mark of her own sins) were used to represent and carry these ideas. She wanted the object – a glass sphere with a black liquid inside – to react to touch, and said that 'a rise in temperature caused by the presence of sin' would cause the liquid to bubble in an 'ugly' way to the surface. The work was 3D modelled, as this is an area she is most interested in and wants to develop within her practice. It is a concept piece. She also made a series of rings, using bubble forms.


Silver, Brass, Resin