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Photography (MA)

Qinyu Wang

Qinyu Wang (b.1997, Zhejiang)is an artist based in London and Hangzhou, working with photography, moving image and animation.

₍ᐢ⸝⸝› ̫ ‹⸝⸝ᐢ₎ ʚɞ ❆ ✿ ❁ ⍢⃝

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

The nursing room in the hospital is quiet, and the fluorescent lamp is shining on my bloodless face. The quilts on my body are piled high with my head in the pillow. It looks like I am leaning back. My hair all falls back and my entire forehead becomes bare, which makes me look even older. I open my eyes with unconsciousness. I just have a minor operation, so only two fingers of my right hand can move now. I can't turn my head towards anyone else. There's only one light in my line of sight, hanging directly above my head. But I could feel the pitying eyes of others that seemed to fill the air and wrap me tightly.

My practice is mainly focused on memory and loss. Since my grandmother got Alzheimer's disease, I watched her losing her memory and self-consciousness. When the memory becomes abstracted, familiar things turn unrecognizable. Her beautiful but fragile hallucinations are just like a bubble and shadow haze. With the passage of time and the changes of space, it will eventually burst. I hope to record the changes of the family, by collecting family archives and painting family stories. My work, which is in a dialogue with the past, provides context to her once fulfilled and vibrant life.

Fold A Willow

I heard a strange sound, wondering whether the sound came from the ceiling or next door. It seemed that someone was dancing tango. It was also like the sound of rain drops, “tata, tatata.”

This film embodies my exploration of multiple media. When the memory is abstracted, familiar things become unrecognizable, painting seems like a hallucinogen which can temporarily eliminates our identify and physical barriers, so we can experience the short process of seeing the same memory at that moment. The narrative fragments are involved in a nostalgic mood, intimately retelling each other's story and past family memories. 


2D digital animation, video


16:9, 04:58


Drawing on the print


30cm x 20cm