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Pauline Guezennec

Pauline Guezennec is a Knitted Textiles Designer with a sensibility for the raw aspects of craft and handmade techniques that she regards as an act of genuineness.

She also work as a Multimedia and Mixed-media Artist exploring thoughts and ideas around time, and the relation between society and the wild, through atmospheric and poetic videos and textile installations. 

Based between London and her hometown in France, she works with a variety of natural fibers, hand technics and the domestic, the Dubied and the Shima Seiki knitting machines that she uses in an experimental way.


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Pauline Guezennec

RE-WANDER // Adrift

Wandering is to be there, to experience what is around you, what is provoked in you. It is not another straight line to a definite end, but rather an intuitive path. Re-wandering is to value the pleasant discoveries of the journey.

Adrift is a body of work combining atmospheric recordings of my observations with raw textiles. It is an invitation to wander, contemplate and reflect.

My work is embedded in the practice of walking, it is therefore influenced by the places I am situated in, from a metropolis to small towns and wilderness. While my eyes slide from walls and windows to decayed places and invasive nature, my mind wonders about times of changes, past and present cultures, the division between man and nature. My craft embraces the wild properties of natural yarns and explores the unpredictable aspects of knitting. 

Walk on the threshold — Projected video of a duo walking along the ocean on a knitted panel. Recycled cotton, cotton, hemp. Made on domestic knitting machine.
Beyond language — Video of the making process projected on the textiles themselves. Recycled cotton, wool, algae. Made by hand processes.
Empty shop windows
Empty shop windows — Tryptic of photographies projected on myself wearing my work. Photographs of the townscape of my home town. Various natural fibers. Made by using the domestic knitting machine and various hand processes.
Repair...novelty? — Knitted image of scaffolding with the photography projected on. Cotton, lambswool. Made on Shima Seiki, computerized knitting machine. 90/34cm
A life of their own — Video recording a series of textiles moving with the wind. First panel: Knitted image of a broken greenhouse. Merino wool, cotton. Made on the Shima Seiki, computerized knitting machine. 112/90cm
Unleashed — Textile exploration. Cotton, wool, steel wire. Made by using domestic machine, crochet, hand processes. 70/150cm
Left aside
Left aside — Knitted image of an out of use tobacco dryer, located in my home town in the south west of France. Cotton, alpaca. Made on the Shima Seiki, computerized knitting machine. 105/80cm
'À fleur de peau'
'À fleur de peau' — Close-up of a textile panel photographed on a dark background. Cotton. Made on the Dubied, industrial knitting machine. 63/142cm
Handled with care
Handled with care — Close-up of textile panel photographed on a dark background. Linen, wool. Made by using the domestic knitting machine and hand processes. 40/183cm
Evening light — Atmospheric video recording my end of the day walk in Tower Hamlet's cemetery park in London.

"A place within a landscape might correspond to a place within a heart, if the mind was a landscape of a sort, walking might be a mean of crossing it.

I think we are porous to the world, I think our moods and our emotions are configured by our surroundings in ways that are hard to speak about but powerful to experience."

Robert Macfarlane