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Print (MA)

Noah Petri

Noah Petri was born in Berlin, Germany in 1994. He graduated in 2017 from Central Saint Martins with a BA Hons in Graphic Design.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Print (MA)

His practice focuses on complicated synthetic and organic amalgamations and corporeal components forming parts of mechanisms, sculptures, prototypes, specimens and entities.

The work revolves around the interest of creating primordial evolution and disintegration of organisms at a micro level through drawing. This is done as part of a larger explorative venture into the development of delicate intricate internal structures and their resulting monumental external surfaces.

Cage II — Hand drawing, digital, 75cm x 64cm
Us — Hand drawing, digital, 37cm x 30cm
Guard — Hand drawing, digital, 42cm x 35cm
Guard (Variation I) — Detail, digital print, wood
Guard (Variation III) — Paper collage
Guard (Variation III) — Detail
Guard (Variation IV) — Paper collage
Guard (Variation IV) — Detail
Guard (Variation II) — Digital print, wood
Guard (Variation V) — Print detail
Guard (Variation VI) — Laser etching, oil based paint, 14cm x 10cm
Guard (Variation VII) — Detail, relief print, 14cm x 10cm
— Studio view
— Studio view

Variations of hybrids and entities based on larger hand drawings, worked on digitally and reproduced using various techniques.

The project encompasses various fragile, intricate, corralled surfaces and layers, melted and forced into one another, forming humanoid and organic hybrids.

Themes such as survival strategies, vulnerability, mutation, rebuilding, dissection, connection and protection are being explored by these works, resulting in various fractured iconographic pieces.




Amalgamation III — Hand drawing, digital, 21cm x 29.7cm
Amalgamation III (Variation II) — Hand drawing, digital, 21cm x 29.7cm
Amalgamation II — Hand drawing, digital, 20.6cm x 27cm
Plinth II — Hand drawing, digital, 20.6cm x 27cm
Amalgamation III (Variation II) — Resin, 20cm x 13 cm x 1cm
Plinth II (Variation II) — Resin, 20cm x 15 cm x 1cm
Amalgamation III (Variation II) — Detail
Plinth II (Variation II) — Detail

Constructions or sculptures as entangled and complicated organic mechanisms, which refer back to a body in some way but are not carried by it.

The drawings and reliefs aim to explore and blur the line between encountering image and object, man-made and natural, artifact and fossil.




Trieb zur Erkenntnis - Drive to Knowledge — Folded cover
— Opened front
— Detail
— Back
— Detail
— Detail

An edition of 15 foldable A3 risograph prints, depicting a figure carrying an object across a landscape and a collection of otherworldly organisms.

The front plays with the idea of transporting an artifact through a fantastic realm, combining scientific notions with mythologies.

I developed various fantastical microbes and organisms for the back., leaning on early scientific cabinets and illustrations of collected biological wonders.