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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Nili Feferberg

Nili Feferberg is an Israeli/British Fine artist, living and working in London. 

In addition to her MA in Ceramics and Glass from the RCA she holds a MFA degree from Goldsmiths University, London and a BFA Cum Laude from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem.

Nili’s works have been shown in Israel, the UK and in America, where she also curated exhibitions: There Might Be a Draft, Artist House, Tel-Aviv; Fake Your Face, Neon Gallery, London and in the Exodus Gallery, Los Angeles.

Nili Feferberg's work is held in the collection of Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, as well as in many private collections worldwide.

To view my CV please email me or visit my website:

Instagram: nili_feferberg_art

Selected images by Sylvain Deleu

I create unusual, ambiguous, playful, solid, layered cast mineral sculptures that seemingly relate to everyday objects. This is a method of challenging and questioning our pre-perception of what we conceive as familiar.

My works are concerned with the philosophical exploration of the entangled relationships between humans and objects, artists and art objects, and I aim to give a voice to the latter. Through the title, I Am Not, the sculptures assert the importance of understanding materiality as ontology - as agents rather than merely as representative, or a reflection of the cultural world. 

My purpose is to raise an awareness of the mutual agency and becoming of both materials and artists, through the embedding of what I call the artist’s ‘Voice-Self ‘ onto the material, onto its skin. This is achieved in part by cutting into cardboard mould surfaces and by the unique mineral formulas I have developed for the cast sculptures.

The sculptures offer a space to rethink the relationship between material’s ontological meanings in relation to human self, in terms of sharing subjectivity such as experience, feelings, time and memory.

I Am Not A Sponge Cake III, 2021

Solid cast minerals and stains

17x13x13 cm

I Am Not A Vanilla Ice Cream, 2020 — 22.5x12x14.5 cm
I Am Not A Sarcophagus, 2020-2021 — 28.5x11x7 cm
I Am Not A Thing, 2020 — 20x20x10 cm

The Voice-Self is a concept I have developed during writing my dissertation (awarded distinction) to raise the awareness of humans’ relationship to objects, and humans’ desire to share their experiences with not only human but also with seemingly inanimate objects.

It is an active force that when it comes into action, it makes things happen, it activates art objects’ feelings. These feelings can be experienced by the viewer.

The Voice-Self acts as a transformative agent consisting of the experiences of the body, the skin and the mind that an artist goes through, internally and/or externally, along with the artist’s urge to share his/her experiences and emotions through action. These actions result in the embedment of the Voice-Self onto the surface of an art object.

Embedment is a term coined by me, an extension of the word embedding.


Solid cast minerals and stains
I Am Not A Victorian Bishop, 2021 — 10x8x11.5 cm
I Am Not An Orange Bishop, 2020 — 12x5.5x7 cm
I Am Not A Chocolate Bishop, 2020 — 7.5x4.5x10.5 cm
I Am Not A Frog Bishop, 2020 — 9x8.5x8.5 cm
I Am Not A Bending Bishop, 2021 — 7x4x9.5 cm
I Am Not A Beggar Bishop, 2021 — 12.5x9x4 cm
I Am Not A Tall Bishop, 2020-2021 — 8x6.5x18.5 cm

SkinBody is a concept that I have been developing, it aims to string together the material ontology and the human self. The SkinBody cast sculptures that appear in this portfolio are the physical result of these ideas.

Different to traditional craft where glazes cover the clay body similar to a paint on a canvas, I am interested in diminishing the boundaries between the skin and the body, the glaze and clay, to create one material that is -

A skin and a body

A skin that is a body

A SkinBody

A skin that is a matter

A skin that matters

A skin that has a physical presence and weight in space

A skin that is not perfect, it is cracked, folded or separated

A skin that feels pain but also pleasure

A skin that is you and me


Solid cast minerals and stains
I Am Not A Black And Orange Cream, 2021 — 25x7x8.5 cm
I  Am Not Seriously A White Chocolate Cake, 2020-2021 — 26x9.5x14 cm  
I Am Not A Muffin, 2020 — 8x9x10 cm
I Am Not A Teatime Sandwich, 2020 — 12x6x8.5 cm
I Am Not A Double Layer Meringue, 2021 — 38x9.5x8.5 cm
I Am Not A Sponge Cake II, 2020 — 10x12.5x15 Cm

Mutual Becoming

The importance of using minerals in this body of work lies in the fact that humans are also composed of minerals, either through consuming food or through our natural body compound. This fact, I suggest, offers a space to re-think the act of making beyond poiesis which centralises the maker. It opens up a space for mutual becoming, giving a voice not only to the maker but equally to the object. 

Furthermore, minerals are part of the geology of earth which could be seen as a parallel to the geology of our body in the form of physical experience, memories and of time, in that sense this is where both of them meet.


Solid cast minerals

To create my works I reverse the order of the materials qualities that are used in traditional casting.

In contrast to traditional casting, I use recycled cardboards as moulds, they are fragile, unstable, organic and temporary. However, the born mineral sculptures are solid and heavy, they embed and reveal every surface’s nuance, which are not, when fired, manipulated or refined by me. They are individuals and are not made to be repeated.

This unique casting approach enables chance and a loss of control to play an important role in the quasi freedom of the movement of the born sculptures.


Cardboard and minerals
I Am Not A Strawberry Mousse On Top Of A Cheese Cake — 20x11x9 cm
I Am Not A White Cheese Cake , 2020 — 21x8.5x8.5 cm
I Am Not A Sponge Cake, 2020 — 9x18x16 cm

Does pain relate to human experience only, or also to inorganic objects? 

“Wittgenstein attempted to free the feeling from their tie to the body-mind dichotomy theories, he suggests that the pain is ‘THIS THING’...pain can be ‘objectively observed’....he also conceives pain as autonomous in relation to organic or inorganic things, it does not matter who feels, human or object”.

This series of work has followed extensive research into the different properties of minerals, resulting in dozens of different formulas that I use in my cast sculptures. Each work is made of layers and combines one or more of the formulas to achieve a separation or a smooth flow between the layers. The wide variety within the work reflects the depth of my experiments and explores the materials expressive language and voice.

The citation is from my dissertation From the Voice-Self to the Object that Feels.


Solid cast minerals and stains
I Am Not A Brick, 2020 — 20x8x7.5 cm
I Am Not A Brick II, 2021 — 15x9.5x6.5 cm

Be my playful, vibrant, energetic gravity

My balance

Keep me stable and grounded

Yes, I am talking to you, you are the only other in this room

You see me


Solid cast minerals and stains
I Am Not A Dripping Paint, 2020 — 6.5x6x18.5 cm


Solid cast minerals, stains and corck
Nili's portfolio