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Photography (MA)

Myro Wulff

Myro Wulff is a German born Photographer based in London.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009 Wulff began working as a fashion photographer in New York. The high paced commercial environment taught technical know how, perfection and precision. Having always been curious and playful Wulff wanted to break out of the expected norms of commerce and explore the boundaries of what Photography could be. 

The Master's Degree at the Royal College of Art was where these ideas began to shape into their own language. 

Experimentation and openness have become a staple of Wulff's working methodology. His recent work ranges from portraiture to abstract photograms.

Myro Wulff was recently selected to be part of the Travers Smith CSR Art Programme 2021-22

My practice is interested in interrogating formal traditions in photography and testing the boundaries of the photographic medium and materials, as well as questioning ways of seeing.

I am driven by a curiosity about human and material encounters and the combustion of possibilities they hold. My work is process driven and this process is led by a deep feeling, a thinking with my blood. Playfulness and experimentation are elemental in my work.

The work itself takes place in a space of uncertainty in which I facilitate encounters between misbehaving bodies and materials. Such spaces can be a darkroom, a studio or a bedroom.

The bodies and materials I engage with share a reluctance to behave predictably. Human bodies, molten and blown glass, light, manipulated cameras, fluids and dust are some of the unpredictable agents that I engage/compose with.

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Chromogenic Prints


each 30cm x 40cm

Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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All: unique chromogenic objects


1. 86cm x 100cm

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Chromogenic Print

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All: 150 x 200 cm