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Public Sphere


Muzi. 1996. Beijing. 

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Public Sphere

I’ve been exploring the flow of power between the potentially vulnerable side and the seemingly powerful side of every and all kinds of relationships.

Attempting to simulate the pleasure of being subject to power within a personal relationship, the feeling when being dominated by a person may conversely come to mean dominating this person.

Wondering if this pleasure could be applied to a much more extensive relationship, a much more powerful side, the ultimate power system we live under.

Rather than one side always resisting and the other always being resisted, I am looking for a soft form of power exchange. A beautiful way of us blending together into ONE, instead of TWO.

Higher obey

All of the bondage graffiti (term for my bad action in video) is performed on Antony Gormley sculptures. 

Public sculptures are the complicity of a higher power. They look so dominating. 

Turning the dominating figure into a submissive figure and in doing so aiming to achieve a new dynamic between us.






digital sketch painting