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Mixed Media

Mungyu Fung

Mungyu comes from Shenzhen, a young modern city in China.  After graduating from the Communication University of China studying International Journalism in Beijing, Mungyu completed a Graduate Diploma at the RCA in 2019. She narrates with mixed media textiles, working with sculptural forms and developing innovative textiles for womenswear

Mungyu reinterprets common materials into innovative textiles for the body combining handmade and digital making processes to reflect her understanding of fragile and delicate beauty.

Mungyu Fung

Reflect // The Unstable Self

The experience of returning to China at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 and being reconnected with local communities stimulated Mungyu to critique the pressures placed on young women in the south of China to conform to societal expectations to balance work and family life.

Reflecting on these societal pressures Mungyu uses faceted, fractured and reflective forms and surfaces that reference diamonds and mirrors in order to deconstruct symbols of marriage and self-identity. Her works explore the unstableness and fragility of female identity when facing restrictive cultural expectations.

The Mask I
The Mask I — 3D Printing Resin with PVC Fresnel Lens - 20x20x2cm
The Mask II
The Mask II — Rhino Model - 20x20x2cm
The Diamond
The Diamond — PVC Fresnel Lens - 46x29x1cm
Head Scan Sculpture
Head Scan Sculpture — Fresnel Lens - 15x18x15cm
Sliced Face Detail
Sliced Face Detail — PET Window Film - 60x90x30cm