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Sculpture (MA)

Millie Laing-Tate

b. 1994, Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Millie lives and works between London and Devon

MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London (2021)

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Falmouth University, Cornwall (2015)

Exhibitions and Awards include:

PROXY: MA Sculpture RCA Satellite Event (2021), Cromwell Place, London; Prick & Stitch Alliance (2021), Standpoint Gallery, London; Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition (2021), Edinburgh, Scotland; Wells Art Contemporary (2020 & 2018), Somerset; Art in Healthcare Purchase Award (2021), RSA Annual Exhibition, Scotland; Curation Team Student Prize (2020), Wells Art Contemporary, Somerset

Collaborations and Residencies include:

ADAM collective with Hannah Dinsdale, Alastair Kwan and Helen Wilson (2020 – current), London; Merz Society Co-leader, with Lydia Brockless (2020 – current), RCA, London; MERZ Gallery (2021), Sanquhar, Scotland; Cloud-talk Workshop Co-leader, with Joanna Delgado (2021 – current), RCA, London. Upcoming: Merz Barn Residency (2021), Ambleside, Lake District; Lawayaka Current Desert 23S (2021), Atacama, Chile

Millie Laing-Tate

Weather is key; I’m obsessed with weather. It shapes and unfolds. Colour pops in and out - here and there – bringing changing temperature.

Rural landscapes draw me in, to play and have some fun. An opening, ajar; atop a wall; nestling into gaps.

Airing imagination, floating along; trying to stay up in wind. Gravity calls, I touch down and smile; together for a while.

Time slips away, through a crack; in-between a pause. Bird’s eye view, sun’s eye, stone’s eye, cloud’s eye.

What will ground say?

My art straddles sculpture, video, installation, photography and drawing. I fly solo sometimes and in collaboration other times - opening things up. Doing and being lead the way; carving out the time and space to hang on, a moment.


Video, with stonerock - polar fleece, sheep fleece, wool and cotton thread. Dartmoor, Devon


Video 59 secs. Dimensions variable


Video, with Cloud Shoes - felt, insulation foam, cotton sash and thread. Dartmoor, Devon


Video 3 mins 35 secs. Shoe size: 71cm x 47cm x 20cm each
Throwing cloudstones — Video, 1 min 30 secs, with cloudstones
Feet up (Muriel)! After Noirmoutier — Video, 48 secs, with cloudstones and taped cable

Special thanks to: Mum, for her continued help and support


Two videos, with cloudstones. In situ in Devon > out situ in London


Dimensions variable

ADAM is Hannah Dinsdale, Alastair Kwan, Millie Laing-Tate and Helen Wilson. We are ADAM.

ADAM is a group of four RCA Sculpture students, who have been based in a vacated office at Number 10 Adam Street off the Strand, since September 2020. ADAM came about through a collective desire to stay connected during the pandemic, when the streets of London were empty and the studios at the RCA were closed. 

ADAM has created a nurturing and open environment; grown out of an organic and process-based approach rather than something geared towards a predetermined goal. ADAM has formed a fundamental part of our Masters education and has changed the way we think about what an art practice can be.

ADAM has revolved around conversations; both amongst ourselves and through opening up the space to fellow students, artists and friends alike. ADAM has hosted an Open Office, organised Clay Days and Crits, curated a series of Open Call exhibitions and given the space over for others to respond to in their own way. Out of these situations has evolved a community of artists in the heart of London. 

ADAM’s most recent collaborative act has been to build a book which chronicles our time in the space together. The publication is a collection of essays, ghost stories, board games, artist interviews and image archive, recounted from each artist’s perspective. It brings together both our personal and collective experiences of being part of this group over the past nine months; a souvenir of ADAM.

You can buy the ADAM book here

And find out more about us on our Instagram

Publication made in collaboration with: Anya Landolt and Ryan Sargent