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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)

Millicent Wong

I am a designer and researcher who is fascinated with the issues and challenges we face as global citizens. Inspired by human behaviours and emotions whether in a physical and/ or digital space, my works explore such areas through utilising design as a tool.


2019 - 2021: MA/ MSc Global Innovation Design (Royal College of Art & Imperial College London)

2015 - 2019: BA (Hons) Product Design, University of Edinburgh


Before joining GID, I have a background in product design from my undergraduate studies. My experience includes a design internship at Mirum Hong Kong, a global digital agency in 2018, where I assisted the creative department in various commercial projects. I was also a product design ambassador for Co & Co in 2017, an online platform that connects art & design students and graduates with each other as well as businesses. During my time in Edinburgh, I was also able to exchange at Lund University, Sweden through the Erasmus+ programme in 2018. My time spent in the different cities and countries has led me to the appreciation of different perspectives in design.


2021, WIP Show Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London

2019, New Designers Exhibition, London

2019, Graduate Show, Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh

2018, VÅRUTSTÄLLNING (Spring Exhibition), Form/Design Center, Malmö

My GID journey has allowed me to continue exploring within my interests and design practices while discovering new areas and approaches.

I always find myself inspired and designing around my surrounding environment or context and the people in it, which have become the basis of my projects. These unique experiences and insights have in turn become design opportunities for me, whether it is helping users manage and balance their social media use and engagement time, or sparking and facilitating serendipitous interactions that have been lost in a digital environment.

My next step is to continue my interest in placing humans back in the centre of technology, as well as translating the nuances in human connections and communication in a digital space. If you are interested in my projects, you’re more than welcome to get in touch!

Timely Concept Video
Timely the Native App Prototype

Timely, regain your time.

Context: Interest Areas & Problem
Goal: Design Brief & Scope
Outcome: Timely Algorithm
Outcome: Implementing Timely Algorithm
Outcome: Timely the Native Application

Timely is a digital shepherd in the user's smartphone that manages and balances meaning and engagement time for social media use.

Ultimately, Timely aims to minimise the time users spend on mindless social media usage by maximising their meaningful social media experiences, allowing users to regain their time.

Mission Rings
Mission Rings Concept Video
Mission Rings Prototype

Mission Rings, sparking serendipitous interactions between you and your friends

Opportunity: Interest Areas & Context
Direction: Intervention Point
Outcome: Mission Rings
Mission Rings: Bringing People Closer Together

Mission Rings is a mobile game that sparks and facilitates serendipitous interactions in a digital space.

Inspired by the study-/ work-from-home situation and the issue of digital fatigue, Mission Rings ultimately aims to break monotony and reimagine online interactions, through sparking serendipitous interactions between you and your friends with playful missions.

Covers of There Is No Place Like Home
Front of There Is No Place Like Home
Intro: Context & Basic Layout
Initial Maps: Mapping Intentions & Activities
Expanded Maps: Mapping Intentions & Significances
Final Map: Reinterpreting Intentions & Significances

As part of my dissertation, “There Is No Place Like Home” is a visual journey on my sense of home in relation to my bedroom during my 14-days quarantine in Hong Kong. Through the iterative visual mappings methodology inspired by the Situationist International’s (SI) notion of psychogeography and dérive, the visual journey explores a physical environment and its impact on a person’s emotions and behaviours.