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Critical Practice

Melle June Nieling 🌀

Hi, my name is Melle Nieling. My work is centred around the concepts of authority and authenticity, how they function and how they influence each other.

This research involves the deconstruction of power structures; at times very explicitly, through the emulation of their modus operandi, and other times much less explicitly, through questioning how truth and identity are defined.

All my work is set in a parallel world — a hyper-real reflection of our reality — ruled by sects. Led by wizards and necromancers, these sects fabricate false truths to exert control over the masses.

For the RCA 2021 online show I made the work Pre-Alison, an interactive prequel to my film Alison (2021). You can access Pre-Alison at

As co-founder of Plicnik Collective, I collaboratively create and curate physical and online shows. Our most recent show was Penrose Helix at Generation & Display (London, UK), and we are now working on a new online show titled SUB·RS.

Pre-Alison — click 'launch project' to access the project

Pre-Alison is an interactive work exploring the origins of Alison — an artificial intelligence that has developed a sense of ethics and objectivity beyond that of humanity. The viewer travels through a cave system in search of cave drawings that reveal information about Alison. Using only a flashlight to see in the dark, your vision of the digital world is locked to a narrow frame. 


video game

My sound work Coaxial is featured on Tongue of blade ‡ Ears of mud, which is released on cassette on 21 July 2021. 

Tongue of blade ‡ Ears of mud is a compilation album featuring music by Chloe Langlois, Anita Marante & Pedro Tavares, Amelie Mckee & Melle Nieling, Alessandro Moroni, Nexcyia, Louise Ørsted Jensen, Kevin Siwoff, Luis Tapia, Effy Harle & Finbar Prior.

Preorder now from a limited edition of 50 cassette tapes, featuring original design by Faye Rita Robinson at 

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