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Lun(Lunn) Li

Lun(Lunn) Li is an industrial and interaction designer based in London and Shanghai. He pursuing his design career around 8 years in producible innovation products/interaction field, which helps him master a good engineer techniques and design thinking abilities. Two startup experiences enables him to not only focus on products aesthetics but also the development of retail, manufacturing and future marketing impact.


IF design award 2017

Reddot design award 2016

My projects are aiming to explore the interactions between software and physical products or people. I pay my attention on this territory is due to the fast developing of information technology impacts much more than before. In some ways, the iteration of tangible products will be more slower than digital products in the future, as a result there should be a developing relationship built in objects to software, software to people and objects to people.

D-force project was start in this situation and willing to create a better behavior training experience when people practice their skills or play sports with simulator. Different than traditional game controller, D-force brings a new strategy of haptic interaction which stimulate people's instinctive reaction from the illusion of facing danger, in order to narrow the boundaries between digital and tangible.

D-force is trying to establish a different possibility of people interact with digital product, and a new relationship between objects and software.

Story board
Story board
Insight board
Insight board
Evaluation — Heart-stopping moment achievement process
Trigger Point
Trigger Point — D-Force controller catches the signal from the game same as the signal of vibration danger reminder, then transfer it into the force resistance through the string.
D-Force introducing video
Validation 1
Validation 1 — Test in VR climbing game, as the result, player spent more time in same route when wearing D-Force equipment.
Validation 2
Validation 2 — Test in fishing game, the professional angler shows a natural angling movement with D-Force.
D-Force product set — It is composed of a main controller and a bandage system, convertible clip made it can be fastened and used in different part of body like arms, legs or head area. It only weight 230g so that player will not distraction by wearing it.


Driving behavior research
Driving behavior research — People show more radically driving in video games due to the lower mistake cost than real driving, which lead to a higher accident rate in racing games.
Insight board
Concept prototype
Concept prototype — This mode is trying to find sensitive area of feeling dangerous, and observe the reaction from people when they get stimulate by those area.
Prototype making
Prototype making
Prototype test
Prototype test

This is a research and test project for D-Force, it shows the process of define the problem to early prototype test.