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Experimental Animation

Lucie Levrangi

Lucie is an experimental animator from France and currently based in London.

She composes her films following an empirical collage approach : drawing, shooting film, sound recording, editing, researching, happen all simultaneously. 

She explored the relationship between her love for animation and tactility in her RCA 1st year dissertation : ’How Hands Animate the Work? A Dialogue Between Embroidery and Animation’, for which she got a distinction.

As she has an animation and graphic design background, she also knows how to work in team and use animation softwares. She plans on working for an animation studio, while preparing her next personal film project.

Lucie’s animation practice is driven by her impressionistic perception of reality. 

Each of her frames is spontaneously drawn focusing on colors, light and her current feelings. The succession of these images shows the time passing, as well as the flow of emotions going through her mind.

She creates her films in an empirical way, doing back and forth between producing materials and editing them.

How perception evolves with time became the core idea of her film Mountain Blues. She recalls her trip made in Australia three years ago by drawings. The fast running of these pictures displays her actual remembering process.

Mountain Blues will be screened at BFI London on 15th and 16th of July, as part of the MA Animation 2021: Graduate Screening. More infos to come on @rcaanimation

See all the drawings behind Mountain Blues here :

In march 2018, I am in the Blue Mountains.

In march 2020, I am in lockdown in France.

In march 2021, I am in another lockdown in London.

Mountain Blues is a travel between these three times.

It is a film about memory, time, feelings and movement.

You are opening a window on my 2020-2021.

Sound Mix : Miko Sztako

Editing Assistants : Qi Zhuang, Wen Pey Lim


hand drawn on paper, pastel, charcoal, marker, 16mm film


Trying to remember this road + current thoughts on time
The remembering process playing
Fragments of Memory - the same memory drawn on different days
Fragments of Memory - the same memory drawn on different days (1)
Fragments of Memory - the same memory drawn on different days (2)

The starting point of the project is to use animation to display my remembering process.

I am recalling an Australian landscape and try to trace this image on paper. Then, I realize the representation is not accurate enough. The light wasn’t like this, the road not like that, and I correct my remembrance on the next piece of paper. As this process unfolds, the result is a succession of impressions from Australia, influenced by my memory capacity but also my feelings at the moment.

First try on 16mm — I started to shoot some 16mm film in lockdown, and learned how to develop it with caffenol.

My approach of Mountain Blues was comparable to making a diary. I indeed produced materials everyday. Here are some written thoughts, 16 mm footage and drawings.

Lockdown is represented by these blue outlines, detailed and smoothly animated images. As I have time to contemplate my surroundings, I have time to draw. Whereas to illustrate the Blue Mountains fires, I used my imagination : when they happened, I barely looked at pictures.The flickering drawings are the representation of my memories of Australia.

See all the drawings behind Mountain Blues, those who made and didn't make the cut, here :

showreel (June 2021) — Personal works showreel, updated in June 2021
3000 flowers (trailer) — An experimental documentary about fashion flower making, and how to connect this practice to my own as an animator. (Royal College of Art first year film)