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Sculpture (MA)

Linda Zagidulina

b. 1997 in Moscow, Russia. Linda holds a BA in Performance Design from Central Saint Martins. She works with installation, sculpture, moving image, performance and writing. Her works look into and experiment with perceiving an idea of heritage both communal and individual. Quite often Linda channels influences from Sci-Fi works, films or writing.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

I think of my works as estranged reflections of archival finds and collections both historic and private that help me construct new narratives. I’m interested in the mobility of self-sustained systems I create in my works. In doing this, I’m really keen on exploring materials that can interact with time-based frames. I find my practice, and what I communicate with my works, often intimate and vulnerable in its nature. Looking into the anthropology of systems and social ordering, I’m interested in reflecting on future events on a macro scale, which includes models for social globalisation.

For these works, I was looking into the poetry of song verses and meanings that various culture models typically introduce to globalisation, let's call it cultural wisdom. I was particularly excited about Russian Tatar songs from the 80s – a very successful era for such. The records of these songs are rare in their nature and it takes an effort to trace them today. This led to a close study of TV concerts from the 80s of these songs being performed, particularly their choreography. 

The translation or position of certain languages in a social system sometimes creates a spy code that, just like with radio, exists on certain frequencies in that system. The Collection pushed me to think of words we use on a daily basis (such as goodbye) and their transformation into a traumatic experience, of what language may transmit with sound. 

Collection of Records (How Have I Been Possible Taking It) — 20 x 18 x 8 cm, acrylic, motored turnable, fabric
Collection of Records (Don’t Take Me, Don’t Take Me, Don’t Take Me for a Stranger) — 30 x 30 x 14 cm, on loop, acrylic, motored turnable, fabric
Collection of Records (Goodbye) — 20 x 18 x 8 cm, on loop, acrylic, mototred turnable, fabric
Collection of Records (Such a Mong That You Have in Your Eyes) — 20 x 18 x 8 cm, on loop, acrylic, motored turnable, fabric Mong as a notion of a touching and delightful feeling from experiencing a music performance in Russian Tatar language.
Saubul / Goodbye — A3, emboss on 300 gsm paper
Notes on Goodbyes — Notes on the process of making the work
I Have Never Been to the Steppes Before — On sport in the Steppes. To be kept close, in a pocket (a part of the 'Other Audiences' project)

This work references the verse from Saubul / Goodbye.